Friday, October 30, 2009

Look In My Window!

How can it be the end of the month...again?! I must agree with my mother that"time is accelerated..." as it seems next to impossible that it is only days before November 1st.

I've had a goal to document my window changes each month, and as of tomorrow evening, the "Ahhh! Fall" window will be changed (it is clearly a Halloween theme) and has been very well received be the fans.
So, take a look. I did quite like the presentation and will miss the simplicity with punch that it offered.

The right window was sponsored and paid for by Jim Thompson Fabrics, an exclusive high-end fabric line. They approached me to do a window using their fabrics exclusively,and provided the fabric for the backdrop and the chairs! The chairs are vintage. I painted a small french chest the exact color of the chair fabric and accented with the green apples, green and purple hydrangeas and darling small lamp purchased just for the cause.

While I am not a huge fan of this dark eggplant, it is trend for this fall. The look was great and read well from the street. The signage, also furnished by Jim Thompson, was a little small and only easily read by walkers-by. It reads, "Jim Thompson + Black-eyed Susan = Style.

The left side of the windows featured these "floating" witches hats, with a backdrop of a witch flying through a full moon. Of course, a large glitter crow guards the flock of hats. To marry the two windows, I painted real pumpkins in the paint color I purchased to paint the small french chest, stenciled the white letters and painted them with acrylic craft paint. I think it was pretty effective!

So, there you have it! I'll try to do better next month with a little quicker documentation.

As I have indicated in prior posts, changing the windows is a love/hate relationship! But, I'll give you a hint that I'm thinking of a very simple change for the Halloween theme only. Jim Thompson needs to stay a bit longer.'s time for Christmas windows.

By the way, I'm up for suggestions!!


michelle said...

I am loving your STYLE pumpkins!! Have Dad take a good photo of them for a future banner...

Marie said...

You do a fabulous job on your own. You do not need any "suggestions" from anyone.

countryfrenchjudi said...

November is an easy one and with that fabric color all the wheat and gourds would look stunning. Black rustic turkeys, uummm

Lee said...

I still can't believe it's November in 2 days.
Your windows are always fantastic! Lee

Denise said...

No wonder your windows are famous! They are AMAZING.