Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking Shape!

The bedroom retreat is beginning to take on personality! Today, we delivered load after load of accessories, lamps, a very stylish chandelier, books, art, all of the key ingredients for style.

Boxes of special inventory from the shelves at Black-eyed Susan! This is the fun part. The floor has been mopped and shined,the painting completed, the heavy furniture has been hauled into the magic begins. The room begins to sing with personality with the next stages.

At times,the chaos is overwhelming. "Stuff" everywhere, and when your room is on the small side, it gets difficult to have a staging place.

Check out these fabulous vintage chairs, courtesy of my cute friend's father-in-law. These are the real McCoy's! Sneelock helped me take them out of Mr. Giler's home about a year ago and they have been taking up residence in my garage, just waiting to be put to good use. I think I found their purpose. Taupey grey strie velvet with orange piping! Gotta love 'em.

A note of interest, all this time I thought they were identical...only to discover today in the unveiling that one is slightly shorter than the other! Were they "his" and "her's"? My friend, Paul might know the answer from his childhood!

This is the beginning of a fabulous window treatment. Soft, open-weave linen roman shades with "eyelash" fringe! Now that's what I call style. Watch for the panels to be hung in the next post.

Here's another shot of the room "in preparation" for the finishing touches and custom bedding. Where to put "this" while I unpack "that"...the challenges of a small room can be vast. The trick is to make the room seem like you planned it that way, that things are not just crammed into it, but purposefully planned. (Thus, the painting of the closet door that will really not function! Make it seem like part of the wall).

Lampshades and harps are being exchanged to ensure the proper scale to the height of the bed.

Here is a shot of the upholstered bed with three of my Paris botanicals crowning the headboard.

Mirrored mahogany chests flank the bed. Several of the custom pillows have been placed for inspection on the bed. Love that natural linen pillow with the orange grid.

A bit of interesting trivia about the room: this room was designed for one of my very stylish clients, Lauri Osterstock. She graciously agreed to loan me the contents of the room prior to installing them at her home. Thank you, Lauri! It has been fun to collaborate with her in the design of the room. Most of the elements will transfer to her master bedroom (minus the orange accents). We have chosen a beautiful soft grey/blue, SW Sea Salt, as her accent and wall color. The result is ethereal and I'll show you the "reinvention" of the room with a different color when we install it in her home. It was fun to "co-design" the room with the help of a trusting client. And, it makes me happy to think of my design being resurrected after the show!

Watch for more additions in the days to come...along with the "before" photos of the room in all its glory.

Looking forward to more progress tomorrow and the next few days. So far, we're ahead of the crowd, nearing the finish line. *whew*


michelle said...

I am loving the color scheme. And that piece of art. The Giler chairs are marvelous! I'm still coveting the furniture.

How fun for you to be able to reinstall the room somewhere else instead of just dismantling it!

p.s. Michelle told me that she has been looking for a chandelier for her bedroom and her husband informed her that chandeliers are only for dining rooms. Men!

Lee said...

Looking good, can't wait to see it.
Hope you are well. Thinking of you. Lisa

Denise said...

Silly men--thinking that chandeliers are only for the dining room!

This room is already looking fabulous. I'm ready to go to Sherwin Williams and order up cans of Yam and Warm Stone!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the final showing!!!This will be a great one to borrow some ideas.

jt said...

If that it the case, you have a lot of chandeliers to be taking down... 20- how many?

Jill said...

Oh this is glorious!

Anonymous said...

I always love your pics. Gorgeous!