Monday, July 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Mercy! I was all prepared to post photos of some of the cutest new things that just arrived in my store...only to realize that I took all of the photos on Sneelock's camera! So, disappointed as I am, I'll just have to give you the categories of new arrivals. It will be up to you to go into the store and see them for yourself!

Some things that I recommend:

Large trophy vases (use them from bookcases to mantles...or, for makeup brushes!)
More vintage books
Cutest small assorted shabby chic photo frames (some with ribbons!)
Etched flask-type glass vases (with fleur de lis)
Clocks, clocks and more clocks!
New stylish selections in jewelry
Unique posting boards (photo and post card holders)
Mirrors (never can have enough)

Sorry about the photo failure! These notes will hopefully give you the incentive to come in for a visit. Hope to see you soon.

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Lee said...

Sorry we need photos! Miss ya.