Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet the Girls

I finally got a photo op with the two Great Danes that I am working for...oh dear, their master that I am working for!

Yes,they pretty much rule the roost! I mentioned in an earlier post that I had the assignment to find a chaise for Great Danes...well, here they are!

They were well contained in the master bedroom until I asked for a private hello and a photo! Then the action began. I guess they were a bit excited by the presence of company...I think the photos will tell the story.

A bit of calming first...a kind of "let me introduce myself" moment.

A bit riotous...Carol actually got a bruise on her leg from the "tail of destruction"!

I got a hug and a kiss.......then I fell over from the weight!

The girls at bay...perfectly contained by Leslie! (How did she do that?!)

Hmmmm. Still looking for the Great Dane chaise. I'll keep you posted. It's going to be big.

*by the way, Carol had to point out that the dogs had longer legs than I do...*

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