Friday, July 13, 2012

Annual July Birthday Celebration!

For the past 18 years, Linda and I have celebrated her birthday together while in Atlanta at the July Market! Only one year in all those was spent apart, and that was when she went to Italy with her husband...I was both sad and glad. 

She spends her day with me, working the day away...not with family. I always appreciate her sacrifice and try to plan some kind of a special day that makes a bit of a celebration while we continue the trek.


Today, we started our day with a good breakfast at our favorite Corner Bakery. Today was the opening of the Cash and Carry Jewelry Show. As I have mentioned in previous posts, it's a true frenzy. We hit our favorite vendors and tried to spec several new ones for variety. It's a full day of fighting the masses, standing in lines and overusing the debit card. Today, it resulted in a freeze on my debit card from the bank. I expect that suspected fowl play in an out of state location. Good and bad.

We found these "texting" gloves! Basically, fingerless gloves that keep you a little warm,but allow you to text with ease.

We came back with great finds and a heavy load we were anxious to set down. 

We turned in for the day a wee bit early and headed to Buckhead, a beautiful suburb of Atlanta, for a birthday celebration dinner.

Our choice was Bistro Niko. It was a recommendation from one of our sales reps. We were unaware that it was a French Restaurant! I took a few photos of the night to share.


Cute French bistro chairs to set the stage...


 This is the guest of honor! Happy Birthday, Linda. My dear friend of 25 years. Here's to 25 more.

 We loved the long aprons worn by all the waiters and serving staff!
We sat outside and enjoyed a very breezy dinner. It started to rain and it cooled down dramatically, but we were safe under the canvas awning.


Water was served in this ice cold carafe.No ice, typical French style.


I was thrilled that we were served butter on this tiny butter plate. (I guess it's safe to say you can see that we ate all of our butter...) How many WW points is that?...Those of you who know me well, know that I have a penchant for butter pats. This was not a fancy one, but a butter pat non the less! We left the fries in exchange for the butter on our baguette.


Linda chose a skirt steak and I choose flank steak. We had a dessert to share and called it a fun celebration!

Tomorrow is day 4. Lots to accomplish on our list. It will be all about accessories, art and finding things to inspire my Black-eyed Susan shoppers. 

Such friends are not common. Linda is a treasure and a icon of style in every way. I am blessed to spend each Birthday with her and I am happy for the eternal nature of our friendship.


Lee said...

Sweet girls! Happy birthday Linda.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday Linda!
Thanks for all your help...

michelle said...

Happy belated birthday, Linda!

She never seems to age, I'd like to learn that secret!