Thursday, September 13, 2012

Completely Honored!

Last Saturday we held our annual Paris Flea Market Sale. Soooo much work!

We had a very successful day and the weather was pure heaven. Many prayers were answered as we anticipated this event! The clouds didn't break open until fore casted (4:00pm)! 

The day started out with such a great response from our Black-eyed Susan friends and followers that I got caught up in the frenzy...sorry, no photos...I know, how silly of me. It's always fun to show you what a mad house this sale creates!

It is also an annual tradition that my staff and I provide a very nice lunch spread for the Black-eyed Susan workers. It was hard to find time to start the rotation this year! If you had a chance to read my last post "What I did on my vacation, really", you will catch a glimpse of the cake I made for my staff. Late in the day, one of our favorite friends and long time BES supporters dropped by. It's always a pleasure and sociable time when Andrew stops by. He often brings gifts and always accolades for our efforts. I think he has been shopping in my store for almost as long as I can recall. I often tell him should I run short of inventory, I know where I can readily gather some!

We noticed that he had brought with him a "take-out" container and this caused quite a lively conversation. Andrew said that he had read my blog (a dedicated follower!) regarding my cake baking for the Flea Market and remembered that last year I had sent him home with a piece of the pie you might say!  So this year, he came prepared! He called it presumptuous, I called it pure flattery! There isn't anyone I would rather include in our cake-fest than such a friend. Good thinking, Andrew.

This could be our new Flea Market tradition! Meet Andrew. He's a fine friend to have.

Andrew's sizable piece of German Chocolate Cake! Photo compliments of Nancy's cell phone.


Lee said...

I'm so mad no one took photos. How am I supposed to blog about it without stealing photos from your blog?
Hee Hee
Love you my friend.
Sent the print to get framed. Love it!

michelle said...

I like the way Andrew thinks. He may be a kindred spirit.

Anonymous said...

Great story. Thanks for blessing Andrew with a touching compliment and his favorite dessert. Enjoy it well, Brother Drew! Keep up the good work, Ms. Taylor.

Little Rock, Arkansas