Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Little Designer Susan

As promised, you will find the lyrics to the song "The Little Designer Susan" as written and performed by my cute friend and co-worker, Anne. I chuckled when she said that she sang it for her husband, who was neither amused or understanding of the story line! When my friend Linda heard it, she said she was laughing inside, because she had heard me say so many of the things Anne wrote about! It was spot on. I, myself was impressed that so much of what I was feeling was noted and remembered.

The tune is that of "Away in a Manger". How I wish I could share a recording of her performance. I think those of you who know me well will really get a kick out of it, and those of you who don't know me as well will have some insight.Altogether, it was a thoughtful and entertaining gift of love.

The Little Designer Susan

Away in North Carolina
not enough stuff for the store.
The little designer Susan
must buy decorations and much more.
Boxes arriving every day now,
nowhere to put everything.
Glitter balls, pine cones and battery candles
garlands, trees and birds that sing.

It's time to decorate the store now,
prepared for this moment all year.
The little designer Susan
is worried and cries, "Oh dear!"
"Too much merchandise, where will we put it
what was I thinking, we have too much!"
"Place the ornaments, deck the halls,
cases, table top and such!"

Increased our hours to help her
we worked both night and day.
The little designer Susan
mumbled "I must call Linda today".
Can we stop now dear Susan
our feet hurt and we're tired?
She said " The store is not ready,
So much more is required!"

"Move the furniture, hang the balls lower
there 's no time for lunch here today."
The little designer Susan
Says," I don't like anything we did here today".
"Linda won't like it, hang more garlands
there's no vignette on that tree.
Where's my glasses, get my camera,
I will blog for all to see."

Decided to sell everything
in her house for fun.
The little designer Susan
Said, "Oh my, what have I done?'
No couch to sit on, no curtains
had to order a new bed,
Have to put it together
but "What the heck! Where's Fred!"

Tonight's our class, we made our deadline
there's not a bat in sight.
The little designer Susan
prepares  punch to our delight.
Light the candles, look your best
but, Oh, what's that smell?
A mouse died in the wall
can't think about it just "SELL"!

Here come the customers, ready to buy things
their purses are fat.
The little designer Susan
Shouts, "Wait! I can't sell that!"
"I just designed it. I'm not ready.
What will we put in its place?
You must come back after Christmas.
"For Heaven's Sake!"

All the while she was sad
and  had nothing for dinner
The little designer Susan
was growing thinner and thinner.
She had set-up's, Show houses
and a magazine article to do.
Nothing in her lunch box to eat
but a sweet potato or two.

Its Christmas! What can we get her?
What does she need the most?
The little designer Susan
said "I'm going home for tea and toast".
A dish for a casserole
we will wrap with care.
To  be passed and filled weekly
for she and Fred to share.

Shopping and holidays are upon us
times are stressful for sure.
The little designer Susan
surely needs this cure.
The buying season is almost over
most of the stuff is now gone.
Time to visit with family
celebrating Christmas where we belong.


Penny said...

Hilarious!!! I love it!

Lee said...

Well Ann should be congratulated! What a labor of love. Too Funny.
I laughed out loud about three things, the "where are my glasses" because a few times I've worked with you I remember searching for your glasses even when you have them around your neck. Too cute. The second thing was you selling everything in your house and then looking for Fred. I love that. I have many of your things nestled safely and beautifully in my home as I write this. Sorry Fred. And the last is and I can hear you saying this, everytime your going to sell something that you love, which is narrows it down to pretty much everything in your store, you stop and make this little girl face and say you're not ready to sell that. I love that.
Wow, in a short time Ann has gotten to know you very well. I love this. A tribute to you my sweet friend. I'm sure Linda loved it too.

Penny said...

Very fun song. Living in North Carolina and seeing all the shops around here ready for the holidays I can relate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan-
Its Jackie L.
I love this song! It is so you!

I miss being able to stop at my favorite happy store whenever I want :(
Hope all is well! Merry Christmas!