Monday, January 14, 2013

Atlanta Market Day 6

The sixth day of market has some advantages;
1.  Less elevator traffic
2.  More sales help
3.  More tables in the lunch cafes
4.  No bumping elbows in the showrooms
5.  Passed the mid week slump
6.  Christmas plans completed and placed neatly in a folder to be filed away until orders begin flooding the stockroom
7. Spring retail ordering begins!
8.  Breakfast at The Corner Bakery has no lines

There are of course, some disadvantages as well;

1.  Not a comfy shoe left in the closet
2.  One too many showroom treats has made our pants fit a little tighter
3.  Rolling cart is permanently out of shape
4.  Room service selections have been exhausted
5.  Hotel room beginning to look like a dorm room needing attention
6.  No umbrellas in the rolling cart for the rain
7.  Phone plan media minutes are overdrawn

The Market slows remarkably after the weekend and that is good for navigating and finding help. Only the die-hards remain and frankly, the creative thinking is taxed. At this stage of the game, we feel a pang of panic, realizing how much there is left to do with two days left to work. We re-work our punch list of "must sees" and add several new ones, listing the vendors by importance. Oh, and there's the new emails from the home office with new requests from interior clients to fit in the hunt.

I guess you could say we're nearing the end of the hunt. 

Take a look at a few of the photos I recorded today. The new Ipad is saving a good bit of time and we're getting to be inseparable. My new aps are working great!

Way cute felted wool pins!

We bought some happy bright stories to chase away the winter blues!

How cute is this jewelry display?! Even this taxidermy deer loves coral!

I loved these paper banners...sold by the yard.

I tracked down this favorite and reordered one for me and one for the store.  
We've really got our last two days planned and will need maximum energy. Linda's shoes worked great today! Thank heavens for a darling witty friend who shares my shoe size, has good taste, and is a financial wizard as well. Now that's a package.

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Lee said...

Same shoe size! Oh yeah, she's definitely a keeper. Hee Hee.