Monday, August 19, 2013

My Christmas elf

Sneelock and I installed draperies today for a long time and loyal customer a little ways away in NewJersey. She had been talking about wanting new draperies for a good long time. Let s face it, styles change! There my not be anything wrong with your existing panels, but just like bell bottom jeans get replaced by skinny jeans, style dictates change now and then.

When we arrived at her house, she told us a cute story.

" last year my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him all I wanted was to wake up on Christmas morning and see Fred (Sneelock) on a ladder in my dining room"! As the eyebrows of the family raised in surprise, she reminded them of the time several years ago when Fred and I arrived at her house to press and hang her bedroom draperies. Yes, Fred was on the ladder hanging those draperies and that was what she wanted again!

So today, Sue's wish came true and I took a photo for the record and my post! I got quite a kick our of her animated excitement along with the cute story, and Sneelock was her Christmas elf a little ahead of time this year.

Enjoy, my friend.

He is a darn good elf to me too.

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