Thursday, December 4, 2008

fresh take

Day two of my week with Denise began with a set-up at an upscale brownstone-style town home in Newtown. Denise dubbed this bit of mantle decor a Glitter Sputnik (a cute color, to-boot!).

This being the third year for this client's set-up, we had the routine down, and other than having to light the tree ourselves (we're spoiled, and are used to pre-lit trees) things went smoothly. The most interesting projects are the ones in which we are given creative license to work our magic, putting a new twist on even our repeat customers' traditions.

Day three found us at a darling cottage owned by the vice-president of the company that manufactures one of our well-used pain killers--something we've needed a fair bit of this week. We transformed their comfortable home, arranging an extensive collection of Santa's (many purchased over the years at Black-Eyed Susan). With a dinner party planned for this weekend, the house stands ready to welcome friends.

This project proved particularly rewarding because of the client's directive to make changes and/or additions at our discretion, even encouraging us to do so. Not wanting to disappoint, we took a quick trip back to the store, where I hand-picked a few personal favorites to add just the right finishing touch.
Stay tuned for Thursday's wrap-up--day four, where we found a treasure trove of cuttings in the client's own back yard--ready for the picking, and just the thing to create holiday style.


michelle said...

I can well imagine how much fun it must be to have full creative license!

I love how that one Santa is encased in a little glass cage...

Anonymous said...

If you missed coming to any of Susan's holiday decorating classes there is one left. They have been so much fun. They are informative, creative and most of all they have been entertaining. Along with Susan's sweet stories about her family or memories of a past decorating project the staff is kind and helpful. There is always a sweet treat to eat and the group of women that have attended have been lovely. It has been a wonderful experience and it has helped set the tone for the holidays to come. Thanks Susan and all the gals at BES. Happy Christmas! Lisa F

Jill said...

You do such an amazing job, your clients must all be thrilled.

That self-portrait of you and Denise is beautiful!