Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My holiday is filled with joy!

This is a post from my daughter Michelle's blog last week:

I'm feeling the holiday joy!

Something is just different about this Christmastime for me -- less stress, no 3:00 a.m. bedtimes... but more than that.

Despite the fact that 3 members of my family have sinus infections, and we lost our hard drive and all its data; despite the fact that I am not done shopping and haven't started wrapping and would like to send off my gifts this weekend; despite the fact that our Christmas cards are not even a glimmer in my mind yet... I'm happy.

In recent years, December has been a blur of busyness and stress for me, but not this year. I'm working on a few projects, but I'm not killing myself over them. I'm listening to music that fills my heart. I'm happy and I'm feeling the Christmas spirit, and for that I am grateful.

p.s. a little glass glitter never hurts.

While my schedule is certainly hectic and I don't ever get as much sleep or downtime as I would like, I too am trying to focus on the joy of the season. I don't want the chaos to overwhelm the spirit of Christmas.

Care to join me?


michelle said...

I must say, it's a little strange to see my picture on your blog...

michelle said...

Today, my peace dissipated in a hurry. Now I'm having to work hard to get it back. How about you?

Susan said...

I think mine just started to look possible!

We finished up a late afternoon appointment that was quite close to home and I went straight home instead of ending up at the office/retail, which can suck one in! It was snowing and beautiful. I even had a short nap, anticipating a late evening. And, tomorrow, I am taking the day off! I will be busy, but doing fun Christmas baking and travel prepping.

And, I won't get up at my usual 6:00am! Yes, I think it might be a wonderful, peaceful day to look forward, if a bit busy!

(maybe I'll even turn off my cell phone....) Hope your's get back on track.

Anonymous said...

I too am trying to have more of the spirit of Christmas this year. It is a challenge when there is so much to do or at least so much we want to do! I am making homemade gingerbread for my family to turn into gingerbread houses. A very long tradition that my children won't let me give up. The fond memories that they will have from these special times together, keep me going into the wee hours of the morning!