Saturday, March 7, 2009

One step closer!

Well, we're one step closer to a stunning room!

And, during the process, Sneelock and I decided how to rebuild our retirement nest egg! We'll become a famous painting duo. I can spec the colors, and the two of us can execute the painting. I'm getting dangerously good a cutting in with a 5" angled brush (no taping!)

At the end of the day, my body was hurting all over. Fred said he was tired too, but he still had the attitude of sacrifice to give me a nice rubdown. He's definitely a keeper.

A long shot of the room. Note my signature black accent! The mantle, side bookcases and surrounding paneling....I know it looks like a black hole right now, but just wait! A little lady who was wondering around the house commented on what a lovely room we had (speaking mainly of the room assignment, location, etc.) and then under her breath I heard her say , "I don't like the black, though". I wish I would have invited her back to see the finished product to see if she had a change of mind! On the floor are the new and deeper shelves we had milled for the bookcases, and Sneelock doing his best to tap on one of the new Sherwin Williams paint can lids. We are using all eco friendly paint, donated by my favorite Sherwin Williams paint store in Newtown! They are so great to me. They never question my selections with a raised eyebrow! I highly recommend that location and ask for Mark, the store manager. He's great!
By the way, I highly recommend the eco-friendly paint! It covers great and there is virtually no smell. All for the good of the environment!
Next week, the stripes! I have mixed emotions about the execution of that part of the project. (I'm gaining a renewed appreciation for my usual painting crew.......)
Another shot of the room with painted trim, walls and doors! I feel a real sense of accomplishment. It's difficult to see, but the fabric leaning by the doors is the proposed drapery fabric--a beautiful 100% sheer linen with embroidered dots! Ahhhhh.

Last night, when I started the night shift (!) , I was lamenting about the excess furniture that is accumulating in the retail store. Suddenly, I realized that this favorite vintage chest is the perfect thing for our room! Check out the color, a soft cocoa-y latte color. I love using chests for locations other than the originally intended place. For instance, this was most likely a bedroom chest of drawers, but it works perfectly in a hallway with a fabulous lamp, a living room as an accent table, a foyer table, or even in a large bathroom for towels! Of course, any guestroom or craft room would welcome such a piece as well. I'm sure this will find a home in my room at the designer house. It will be available for sale, not to worry.
At the end of the work day, we had one dilemma.......Ian poured the wall color into the trim color can. Oh dear! But, never fear, one call to Mark at Sherwin Williams and a replacement was at hand. Thanks, Mark!
So, there you have the latest update! Stay tuned for more great design. And any stripe-painters out there, come on over!


michelle said...

Well I love the black!! And the idea of using chests for any and all purposes.

But, no taping?! What the? I could never do that.

shannon said...

I wish I could be there when the woman who shunned your black sees the final look of the room! Little does she know!!!!

You and Fred make a great team!
I'm glad you didn't go into anymore detail about the rub down, though...tee hee

emily said...

I'm so impressed that you don't have to tape! That's a true testament to the hundreds of painting jobs you've likely undertaken. Have you ever counted up how many rooms you're worked on? That would surely be quite a project. Good luck working on this room! I'm so excited to see more updates.

Anonymous said...

Wow quite the undertaking. when i read about your clothes selection to paint in i thought wow,, susan could actually use my wardrobe right now, thats all i have is painting clothes. Tracy