Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Cheesecake for Two!

After a busy day with Church responsiblities, my darling husband and I sat down to a private dinner for two as we like to call it! I miss the large family dinners we sometimes have with extended family far away, but for tonight, it was a quiet dinner with just us.

Fred's Sundays are filled from 9:00a.m. till about 5:00 or 6:00p.m. and tonight it was later than usual. I love that this service is so much a part of his life and that he is a good man with integrity and a love for The Lord. He is honest in his relationships and a man to be admired for all that he does for his family and friends. He is the supreme example to me of selflessness. I want to be more like him. All who know him love and admire his work ethic and supportive nature to my venture in Black-eyed Susan. I love this man.

Meanwhile, I tried a new recipe of flank steak with a molasses and cracked pepper glaze. It was pretty good...except for the heat over the grill in 95 degree Philadelphia heat. Baby red potatoes and roasted fresh corn completed our easy meal.

This favorite dessert topped the evening! It is one that my darling mother made for us for the last 50 years, and happens to by my father's personal favorite dessert. Look how cute it is for two! It is a frozen cheesecake (not for those faint of heart when using raw eggs!). YUM! It's fast and easy...a bit fattening to be sure.

3 eggs, separated
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 brick cream cheese
graham cracker crumbs

Separate the eggs. Cream the sugar, salt and cream cheese together till fluffy. Add the vanilla. Beat the egg yolks in, one at a time until well beaten. In separate bowls, whip the egg whites until stiff (not too stiff, but will hold a peak). Whip the whipping cream. Fold in alternately the egg whites and whipping cream, being gentle so as to incorporate the air,but be thourough.

I like to use a double recipe for a normal spring form pan, but a single recipe fits nicely in this cute small, deep one. Line the bottom of the pan with graham cracker crumbs, then fill the pan with the mixture. Top with additional graham cracker crumbs and freeze. Make the night before serving. Enjoy!

It's a family favorite! My mother would be proud.


Charlotte said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely evening! I love that dessert, and I love both of you!

michelle said...

It looks so cute tall like that! I've never seen a springform that tall.

I love Dad, and love that you love him as well. I too was impressed when I talked to him yesterday and heard of all of the church service he performed on Father's Day.

Lee said...

She is proud. I'm gonna try it. Lee

Jill said...

I admire you for braving the heat to try a new recipe and make Fred a great Father's Day dinner!

Denise said...

I want a tiny springform pan like that! It's too cute. I wish I had a piece right now.

And Fred is pretty much amazing.