Sunday, September 19, 2010

HGTV, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

What is it about HGTV, anyway?! I seldom have time to watch, and even when I do indulge in TV, it surely isn't my "go-to" preference. Strange and odd people become famous via this venue. The impossible seems to happen for all the world to see. Overnight miracles happen. Bad design seems to be embraced. Art (the kind we hang on our walls) is redefined. Sensationalism overshadows good design. Hmmmmm.

Today, I participated in a pilot for a new HGTV design show as a judge. Oh, I had visions of becoming the next Simon, as I have many opinions which I seldom keep to myself! A large group, or "target market" as we were described by the HGTV staff, previewed and made notes of the main living spaces of two small townhouses. Each one was designed by a local Bucks County designer. We were then interviewed and asked "not to hold back"...well, that was a green light for me!

It didn't take long, however, for me to realize that I was not the "target market" that they were looking for. They were not looking for design professionals and totally not looking for opinionated design professionals. They were not looking for the over-55 opinion. They were not looking for
anyone to stick out of the crowd. They were not looking for metallic platform pumps with silk bows tied on the toes. They were not looking for bright colors.

Most of my colleges and friends know that I generally have a rampage of expressions when visiting "sample homes" (as they are called in the East!). They hold their breath when they stroll through such "sample homes", with me rashly shouting out comments. You'll be happy to know that although we encouraged to not withhold comments, I held my tongue...well, maybe a murmur or two under my breath.

We were asked to sign a release form that promised many; no photo taking. Drat.
Thus, no photos to include in this post. It was a bit of a tiring day, as live TV requires multiple re-dos and several takes of the same thing, no looking directly into the camera, staged conversations and pointing, excited walking towards the "reveal", and much clapping and cheering for the winner.

At the end of the 7 hour taping, the only cheering I felt like doing occurred while steering my van towards home.

What is it about HGTV, anyway?

Have you ever wanted to be a "target market"?


michelle said...

What?! I had no idea you were doing this! It sounds like fun.

I don't know what it is about HGTV, either. I never watch it. I don't like the shows, and I can't stand the voices of the hosts.

Lee said...

No HGTV is definitely not ready for Susan Taylor! I don't even think they would show your shoes!!!!!!!!!!
To painful to think of !
Hee Hee. Don't worry, Yardley, Newtown, Buckingham and all of Bucks County don't want to loose you to a tv channel.
Now please blog pics of the Paris sale. Please!

Lee said...

I don't think HGTV is ready for Susan Taylor and her metallic shoes! Hee Hee. Nor does all of Bucks County want to loose you to a tv station.
Please please Please post pics of your Paris sale.
I didn't have a camera.
How cool were those pics of Denise singing!

Kara said...

I think my feet still hate me...!

Charlotte said...

How could you not look for metallic platform pumps with silk bows?? Oh my. Those sound cute.

Claire said...

HGTV sounds like a bunch of namby pampies!

Sophia said...

A much needed laugh! I would KILL to see my mom and you on a TV show together! :) No one is quite ready for the style and skill of Black-Eyed Susan!! :)

Denise said...

I can't believe you neglected to mention your TV shoot when we talked last week! I always knew you were destined for stardom, but apparently not on HGTV. You need to find a network that appreciates not only interior style, but also shoe style.

Jill said...

How crazy that you got to be a part of this, I hope I get to see the final show some day.

I don't think I'm ever the target market for anything.

Bond Girl 007 said...

This is a very cute, truthful and insightful post. I guess true style is not bought and only a few do possess it...and I think you are one of them. I have loved your style and artistic eye in all your will be delightful one day to meet you and your shoes!