Monday, April 4, 2011

High Point Trend Report!

High Point Market is a stressful one, indeed! Hundreds of off site vendors...hundreds of mini shuttles to catch (if you can!)...thousands of shoppers, mostly stylish ones from the design trade. Elevator lines. Lunch lines. Lunch, what's that?! Tired feet, of course. Thousands of options. Some great! Some horrid.

There is always a new color trend that emerges (sometimes an old one for us!) Many years, the newest trend is one that we have embraced several years prior. This year, we are seeing loads of bold graphic color! Deeper color, less muted. Modernism everywhere. About half way through the day, I realized that I had not taken any photos to share of likes and dislikes. Oh, dear! So, I took advantage of several showrooms to give you a taste of what new color trends are out there . Hm mmmm, might be time to repaint the retail store! Where's my magic wand?

Darling graphic pattern with my favorite, orange!

Cutest ever gray and citron urban print! I have this in mind for one of my clients!

...Not so sure about this one! I think it's a bit too cartoon-y?

This one didn't photograph too well, but it's chartreuse. And, by the way, chartreuse is ALL over the market!

Yet another cool graphic,hip print. So happy!

Again, this one didn't photograph well. But it is also a yellow-y chartreuse! Darling fabric and oh, so comfy! I have this in mind for a four square of chairs for one of my projects as well. So cool.

This coral-y orange chair was a show stopper too. Like I said, a lot of color.

Cutest office chair ever! (It could make the late night blogging down right attractive!)

This teal blue, intense color is the biggest trend of the color projections that we have seen so far. There was not a showroom that we went in that didn't have something to offer in this color. Rugs, accessories, fabrics, chairs, sofas, pillows, you name it. Oh yes, and walls!

A few fabric selections of the teal persuasion.

...chair in said fabric. Way cute!

Stripes incorporating teal, soft chartreuse and pleasing.

Another stripe fabric focusing on teal and gray.

Yes, a fabulously rich leather chair...teal, of course!

A more subtle stripe in teal, chocolate/vicuna and gray. Check out the pillow!

And here we are, an entire wall of the teal trend. I might feel a painting project coming on...

After a long day on our feet, there's my report. Tomorrow, maybe...I said maybe, some finished shots of the Restyle project in Charlotte! I'll try, really.


michelle said...

Oh my goodness. Those first two prints, and the office chair, make me so happy! I am yearning to incorporate more color in my living space. Love the teal chairs, too!

Lee said...

I'm scared. I feel like some of the designs are right out of Austin Powers. Don't love the tribute to the 70's fabrics.
But I'm sure anything you touch you put it together with things that can even make some of these chairs look fab.

Sophia said...

So many Chartreuses and words I don't actually know the meaning of! One day when I'm hip and more mature and ready to spend all day looking at paint, furniture and lamps I will come with you and learn the art of this business. You should take a couple pictures of you guys!! Cause I love the chairs, but like looking at the world's cutest couple!! ;) If that's inappropriate for this blog... I can take it off. I love you both, Mom and Susan!

Denise said...

Those are all darling chairs! I can picture any of them in my dining room sitting area.

The mere thought of the work involved in repainting your store makes me feel sort of sick to my stomach.

How are you weathering the high winds I've heard about in High Point? Doesn't sound like good news for good 'do's to me.

Unknown said...

You deserve the comfy office chair!