Friday, April 1, 2011

Remembering Charlotte Jane Hunter Petersen

One year ago today , April 1 2010, my sweetest mother passed away. (I see that I have now missed the magic hour of midnight in getting my post ready...).

She was my hero of style.

She was stylish to the end in her fashion sense. She was stylishly filled with integrity. She was as stylish an entertainer and hostess as I ever knew. She was stylish in her baking and cooking and the presentation of her fine meals. She presented style in performing arts, particularly jazz singing. Her home was always filled with personal and cutting edge style. Indeed, she was my real introduction to all things stylish and fine. I cannot recall a time I ever saw her do an unrefined thing. She was the style maven of refinement.

My mother Charlotte, father Mervin, and wonderful sister, Denise.

This was her table set for my last birthday dinner, 2 years ago. How I remember the perfectly placed details and happy colors. (Not to mention the delicious gourmet dinner she served.)

My favorite home made cake, German Chocolate-made for my birthday just two years ago by storied cake baker, Charlotte Jane. Yum!

Me, listening to my mother tell the family how wonderful she thinks I am at my family birthday dinner. Good memories. No one can love you and support you like your mother. She's the one who taught me, "Every mother crow thinks her baby's blackest"! No wonder I have a love affair with crows!

I can only hope to become more like her in all ways and follow her teachings with style.

My sister, Denise, came up with a tribute to her. She suggested that we all bake bread and give it to friends and neighbors. My mother spent days each week baking breads of all varieties to deliver to friends and friends of our friends! It was one of her greatest hobbies and skills the last few years of her life. We spent the day baking and preparing to remember her collectively and it was of great comfort.

My mother, Charlotte Jane Hunter Petersen, was my hero indeed. My style hero in all ways.


michelle said...

She was my hero in all ways as well.

I love that you have a picture of you listening to her recount how she loved you.

I really loved that we were collectively remembering and honoring her today, it is so strengthening.

Miranda said...

I feel so blessed to have been fortunate enough to spend the little time that I did with your mother. She taught me so much and I too find myself striving to be more like her in every way.

Lee said...

My dear friend Susan,
Two weeks ago was my dads year anniv. Hard to believe that a year ago we had my dad and your mom here and now they are gone. I feel like I know your mom since I have gotten to know you and Denise. I'm so positive that she is very proud of you both no matter how many breads you bake.
You are a stylish hero to me too
Love ya

jt said...

My hero too.
A lot of people's, I think.