Thursday, June 23, 2011

Accessorising 101

We had a great event tonight! A good turnout, always rewarding. Lots of sales, good and bad! I'm famous for not wanting to see my "stuff"...

For one thing, I'm attached to it. For another thing, it translates into more work. Oh, the bare spots. Things moved-favorites gone. So, while the financial team is cheering, I'm crying. I know it's crazy. What can I say, I like my "stuff".

So, after a long "night shift" session last night, looks like Kara and I might have another one coming a little too soon.

All in all, it was a successful night. Why not join us next time? Come join the party!

A portion of the crowd watching the hands-on demonstration and entertainment!

Fabulous color! Chartreuse. Lots of ideas for fabrics and the coordinating accessories.

My friend and co-designer, KC, with her stash! (Wow, how about that blouse!)

I just had to peer into these two Black-eyed Susan bags to bid farewell to a favorite set of Shakespeare...39 volumes to be exact. Sad, sad, sad. (I really hate loosing my books!) The size was to die for and the complete set a real treasure. My cute client really didn't think she needed all 39! Oh my. I told her I was sure I could show her how to use them without hesitation!

Goodbye darling books. Good thing they went to a favorite client's home.

Too many areas looked like this at the end of the night...bare. Bare, bare, BARE! My cool blue story was raided by Betsy and Lisa. Together, they left me with this. Can you feel my pain?!

So...that's the report on my event tonight. Like I said, good, and bad. I hope to see you next time.

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