Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glamourous Kitchen!

On a recent weekend trip to Charlotte,I completed my most stylish friend's kitchen! We had been working on it for about 8 weeks, and this weekend (in between my baby's birthday...a 30-year old is still a baby if she's the baby!), and Father's Day festivities, we finished the room. Ahhhhhhh.

Linda had the vision of a glamorous kitchen. I had the vision of adding multiple colors and finishes, and...some mirrored doors! Linda caught the vision right away, but she reported that her cabinet supplier/designer was skeptical and had her doubts. I'm happy to say that my vision was exactly what I had in my design eye. We had to do the finishing touches ourselves in order to complete the look. I took some great tutorial photos and will share those with you in another blog post.

For now, I want to share my satisfaction with you in photos. You may recall that her dining room was a restyle project just a few months ago. I also completed the last finishing touches there...the adjoining room.

Seeing these restyle projects and complete makeover of the kitchen really makes me want to do something at home. I need some time to work for myself!

Here is an overview of the new kitchen. We selected a beautiful creamy-taupe granite. This proved to be a real challenge. We wanted something as light and creamy as possible without going to a marble. Linda is a real cook and baker, and felt that while the creamy tones of marble would be ideal, the care and upkeep would not! We searched multiple granite yards and found this one. It is called Persia Light. As you can see from the floor, it has a good bit of rich rusty tones, accented with white marble tiles in a step pattern. I had suggested this floor some years ago, and it was the only part of the kitchen that remained. The Persia Light didn't fight the existing floor, and took our design in the direction we wanted. Pretty.

I didn't do the best job in photographing the back splash, another of my favorites. We used a 3x6 hand thrown subway tile in a soft cream crackle. Timeless, yet totally stylish! I have used this in several of my last kitchen projects. I'm so tired of the tumbled marble so often used. Subway tile is indeed timeless and oh so current at the same time. Beautiful.

I had to get this photo in to show you the two pendants we used over the island. (I neglected to say that the island also made the cut from an update many years ago)! We had it designed by a custom furniture builder who had made multiple things for my store. We added the pendants and additional over head high hats a few months before the redesigned kitchen began. I simply love these pendants. I first used them in the Rittenhouse Square Penthouse. They looked as if they had been there forever! They are on my top ten list for sure. If you love them as much as me, I can get them for you too ! Hallways, powder rooms....or, kitchen islands! They come in about 4 sizes...oh, enough about these beauties!

One of Linda's requirements was to have a light kitchen. The cabinets are a soft cream with a light chocolate glaze. Note the more urban hardware we used to keep a fresh look to this rather classic design. Stainless appliances complete the look.

This mantle-like shelf also remained from the former kitchen. It it the home to a great collection of vintage silver and cream ware. We also found this vintage crystal chandelier which remained as well.

This just might be my personal favorite element of the room! I wanted this work station/former desk area to look like a custom piece off furniture. I had the vision for the aged mirror from the beginning. Linda ordered the doors without the panels or glass, and we replaced it with aged mirror. Linda was in charge or locating the mirror and found it to be quite a challenge! There were many choices, most long distance. This required multiple shipping of samples for her approval . I planned to add the lead and ceramic medallions, and I was not disappointed in the end result!!

I will give you a tutorial on how to apply the lead and medallions in the next few days. I just kept squealing in delight! I love the reflection of the crystal chandelier in the doors.

Just another closeup for you to love! You might also note that I designed a solid black mosaic tile for the back splash here. Linda told me later that this was the only part of the kitchen design that she was not sure of...but I think she's in love with it now!

Here is a closeup of the mirrored doors with the lead applied. I love the small square doors on the top. We came to this design because of the challenge of trying to make stock cabinets into a custom design! Voila!

Also included in the new kitchen design was a small butler's pantry. I love butler's pantry's! I have loads of vintage silver and china collections that I love to display. Even in the most stylish new modern designs, it works. As you can see, black was our dramatic accent. Also, I encouraged Linda to use as many drawers as possible, instead of doors. It really completes the look of furniture and the function is fabulous as well.

...just another angle of the butler's pantry.

My consulting/design of the past few months is complete. I like it. It seems like it's her! A perfect fit, and that is always rewarding. Happy cooking, my friend. (She makes a mean chocolate cheesecake...hopefully, one for me!).

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