Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Bones!

For some time, I have been working on a very fulfilling project. It just so happens that one of my absolute favorite old houses in Yardley resurfaced in the hands of a new owner and I was called in to design the house!

I always loved this home from years before, and this time around, it has been a real favorite in every way. The new homeowners are wonderful to work with. (I'll post more about them with their permission!)

I'm not sure which of the rooms I love the most...library, living room, dining room...oh, maybe the family room! And there's more to come!

I'm just going to give you a peek at the dining room . New paint has gone up since this photo was taken and a few more accents...but you'll get the picture!

I'll be sure to fill you in on the other rooms as well.

There just isn't a combination that is as fulfilling as this formula; darling and visionary client+stylish vision+beautiful historic setting and architecture+supportive husband(homeowner!)+timely deliveries! Take a look and see what you think! I'm in love with it.

We had this delivered several months ago...a bit of a loss for my retail presence, but absolutely fabulous for Jessica's house! (I'm weird about loosing my favorite pieces from the store, but always thrilled when they go to someone I love!)

This is just a shot of us beginning to place the accessories...I think accessory calls are one of my favorite things to do. They are instant gratification and it's like adding the jewelry to the perfect outfit.

Here's a straight on shot of the biblioteque. Beautiful creme-ware, objects of art, the perfect color of books! Oh,my. *sigh*

Here's a shot of the great square table and upholstered chairs. Love the nail heads.
Nail heads are so stylish right now! Add them to my list of must haves......

Perfect. The room has even more drama now. My best ever painter Walt, just painted the walls and ceiling Sherwin Williams Wheat Grass. It's a lovely soft almost chartreuse color.

(Hint: the living room the adjoins this room has graphite and chartreuse upholstery!) I'll take photos of that next!

This house is indeed a favorite project. Yep. Good bones!

p.s. Can't wait for Christmas here!

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