Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chandelier to love!

"If this is July, what precisely happened to June and a size able slice of May?!"
Where does time go,anyway? I've used this quote before, but as I look back over the beginning of this room for my cute friend and client, Monica, that is exactly what comes to mind!

We began her newly expanded family room over one year ago! What, you say? Well, as they say good things are worth waiting for. ((I'm sure Monica wondered about that several times along the way.)

After months and months of back-ordered fabric, two of these beauties were delivered, along with the tables, chair, media cabinet, and fabulous shag rug.

Shortly after, my assistant and I arrived to place the perfect accessories-carefully selected. It's always a rewarding day when lamps, art, mirrors and accent pieces are set into place and the client's personality finds a home in the room.

Finally, last week, after one year of waiting (indeed, one year!) Sneelock and I arrived to install this custom made chandelier. Perfectly perfect. One can't get any more perfect than that! Monica's last child, er, dog-Chelsea, was on hand to oversee the production. Obviously, she had staked her claim.

I was amazed (as usual) with Fred's skill in climbing the 12 foot ladder, chandelier in one hand, and then wiring it skillfully while hoisting it into place. I tried to pick it up several inches while on the floor and couldn't budge it with both hands!

Here is Fred (Sneelock) putting the last light bulb in...

Here is a shot of the room to give you the scale. I believe it is about 60" in diameter. We had spent a good deal of time searching for the correct fixture that would not be too large, too small or too dense for the room. Voila! (Remember, some things are worth waiting for...even one year!)

Monica's home has been a true favorite of ours to complete. I'll try to post more on her kitchen design another time. She did the basic kitchen design without our help and did a fabulous job. Creams, taupe's and neutrals all added up to a beautiful and serene setting. The photo above is a chest we found for her, along with the accessories from Black-eyed Susan. *sigh*

This is her mantle (tight shot) in the kitchen keeping room. What a luxury. Of course, I can picture it all in my mind, and I realize that I am just teasing you without the rest of the picture. I promise, I'll fill in the blanks soon with the remaining room design.

But, there you have it! One year later, and well onto completion...there are just pillows and draperies to go.

I'm waiting for reports from Monica on how the rest of the family and friends liked it! As for me, I'm hooked.

Thanks for a rewarding project, Monica.

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