Monday, June 17, 2013


Every week I hear accounts of various customer exclaims! It's a true joy. Who wouldn't want to hear such accolades?! As a store owner and designer, I love it. " This store speaks to me" ..." I love this place!"..."I come here to get inspired"...the kind praises go on. It really is a delight to have such friends and fans of my retail and design vision.

But on Saturday last week, I heard a new story that thrilled me! As I arrived at the store I noticed two darling young women perusing the store, exclaiming delightedly over each area and offering. As I approached them to echo my favorites, Jackie ( my in store designer) introduced me.

Meet Kathryn and Julie. Sisters who grew up in Hartsdale, NY, now live in different cities. Kathryn in Ridgefield, Ct, and Julie in Falls Church, Va. Each year for the past 3 1/2 years, they drive and meet at my store for a sister 's weekend! Yes, Black-eyed Susan is the assigned destination for these two darling sisters to meet, catch up and start their sister reunion.

Upon meeting them, hearing the story and exclaiming my honor and delight, both Kathryn and Julie gave me fair warning that they would most likely be here for hours. I loved these ladies as much as the story! We totally enjoyed sharing favorites and even raided the front window for several items to complete their purchases.

Kathryn told me that the first time they happened into the store was during Holiday season. After that trip, they decided they really needed to see the store during the " off season" to see how different things looked. They weren't disappointed. It truly thrilled me to get to know them, hear their excitement and feel the bond of kindred spirits of style.

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Meet Kathryn (left) and Julie (right). They indulged me in taking their photo as they were ready to leave...about three hours after meeting!! ( I can't believe that I cropped their multiple BES bags showing their treasures....).

Ok, that 's better!

We parted with hugs and well wishes for a delightful weekend together, with a united promise to meet again from opposite corners. Kathryn was elated with the announcement of my annual Paris Flea Market date, September 7. She plans to bring her truck for that one!!

Here's to supportive fans and darling friends. I'm happy to say we have many.

Till September 7...I love those girls! Thanks for sharing your story, Kathryn nd Julie. We have a date.

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linda said...

Wow! What a compliment, to have an annual meeting, from out of state, participants at your store. Cute sisters, with obvious good taste!