Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday Night Magic

So here is my late night Wednesday Magic report! 

We got in multiple new orders with some great selections this week. That always makes my work more fun!
I rearranged one mantle, found homes for loads of new items and switched things up all over the store with darling Ann's help. She is a trooper and we had a creatively rewarding night with good help from Patty as well. Of course Sneelock was there to lend a hand for all things that needed to be hung. Whew!

Here's a look at some of the new displays including some of the new things just waiting to inspire you.
This chrome yellow glass base took our breath away! And what about that mirrored tray? Glamorous for sure. The cloched candles are wonderfully scented-birch bark. Delightful!

 I received a number of the most interesting clocks. Multiple sizes, stylish and oh so Susan! Note the tip card I had printed for the mantle. I spent a good amount of time scripting various tip cards to place around the entire store. They are fun to read and I hope they give you loads of ideas to fill your creative needs.

 These stylish (and orange!) leather frames have been in the stockroom for about a week. I've been salivating to get to them and finally had time tonight to find a home for them. Oh course, if you've been following the column I write regularly for Bucks Life Magazine, you've most likely figured out that one of these most certainly will need to come home with me...

 This is another of the new clocks that came in. There are some beautiful and sophisticated delightful selections in clocks! So many times the clocks are more rustic or cottage-y. I'm truly in love with the new ones. They are suitable for mantles, desks, bookcases and consoles. I'm afraid they won't last long (which as you know will make me sad!)
 About a year ago I saw these zodiac figures. I placed an order and had actually forgotten about them until they showed up this week! Great surprise. The gray lidded urn (set of three sizes) are beauties and favorites as well. I think you'll be pleased.

Another category that we filled in was photo frames. Look at this hammered chrome-like finish! Square, no less! Paired with this glamorous mirrored table, who can resist?!

These are just a few of the exciting new things we put out tonight. I always say, Thursday is the day to hit the store for the best new surprises! Hope to see you there.

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Sophia said...

I love those orange frames! And the clocks! I get the friends and family 5 finger discount... right? ;)