Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Atlanta July 2013 begins!

With a 3AM wake up call, a 90 minute wait through airport security and an overlay in Atlanta of a mere 2.5 hours to get to Charlotte for a haircut and meet up with Linda to drive back to Atlanta....the week of buying begins!

The length of that run on sentence is how my day felt today! It's part of the trip to fly into Charlotte, see my cutest ever grand daughters, and then drive the four hours to Atlanta. Linda and I catch up on our children, do some last minute planning for the days ahead and overwhelm the bell men when we roll into our hotel. Yes, we are two matched high maintenance girls...

I shot this photo of our collective shoe wardrobe ( a much requested part of my market reports!).

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The shoes go well into the closet and you can see that I had to request 8 additional hangars from housekeeping. Tomorrow we start our hunt for new and exciting things to fill the store. With our clothes pressed ( remind me to put my iron on the list of must haves next market ...I hate toy irons), our list started and a good nights sleep, we are ready for the task.

As usual, I promise to keep you updated on the good finds and the not so good...and, I'll let you know how the shoes are sustaining us!

Till tomorrow, then.

It looks like orange, coral, and a little glitter seem to rule this trip. And what's wrong with that?! I hope you'll stay tuned.

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Sophia said...

Tons of shoes... extra hangars. I'm not really sure why the two of you go to market! You could start your very own clothing store from your closet...