Thursday, July 11, 2013

Atlanta Day 2 Trend Report

Prior to our scheduled appointments today, we walked some favorite floors of the apparel market to scout for new jewelry inventory. We were not disappointed!

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Linda and I in our first buying and in heaven! I wanted the sales rep to get the pretty blue things in the background behind us...a huge trend for the upcoming season in fashion and home decor as well. The necklace I have on is coming in again...since I first ordered it last market, I could have sold it off my body every time I wore it! I ordered more for the store and also the same one in coral. Call to save yours!

Linda and I always find a few things we want for of the delights of our work! We often end up with the same thing, as that is the way orders are placed...i.e. 2 each of this and 2 of that...We thought you could help us decide on which carry-on bag to order!

This navy and orange striking one (with expandable bottom (!) for more cash and carry space! Or...

This posh cream and black striped one...which one do you like?!

We found this stylish and colorful flatware for several custom projects we are working on. Oh. My! Every color you can name and all the in vogue colors.
So cute! Naturally, we were drawn to navy, gray and orange...but the chrome yellow and turquoise was pretty darn perfect too. So many choices...

Navy blue reigns for sure this market. It is a great classic reborn and can be striking with orange, lime or white...or, all three! We bought this assortment of enamel bracelets.

One of our favorite showrooms had this story as their entry point. Everything was put together and enticing.

Classic color, pattern and punch. Wow.

And, and the end of the day, this stylish dessert display was too cute to pass up as a photo op.

Style. It's all over town.

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Sophia said...

What a bag! The two of you look like you could fit in it together! :)

Personally, I love the orange accents. But, I also love the stripes. You can't go wrong with either.

I love seeing the two of you together. It makes me miss you both though!

I hope you were keeping an eye out for gray, silver, pink, cream, and all things crystal!