Thursday, February 27, 2014

Enjoy the Bragging Rights!,

Tomorrow night we will kick off the first of our classes partnering with Amy Howard Paint! The possibilities are limitless with abundant colors of the One Step paint. Each participant will complete a project with instruction and tips for success, and we will be demonstrating a Black-eyed Susan project during the class.

So often when I am consulting my design clients, I see perfect vintage or sentimental hand-me-downs that are perfect for this paint program! Amy Howard, a successful furniture manufacturer and well known high style designer, has launched her paint line, partnering with select retailers. We are excited to be the retailer in our area to be trained and offer these classes .

Take a look at the step by step progress as we prepare for tomorrow nights class, look around your house for tables, vintage frames, well loved arm chairs, or perhaps a favorite desk or curvy vanity! You'll surely find something that could be recycled and re purposed using our stylish colors- neutral or bright!

We started off with this vintage three tiered pie crust table. The beauty of the One Step paint is no priming is required! The piece must be clean, and wiped down, then you are good to go!

 Kelly started from the base. This Chinese bristle brush is suggested. We will go over the preferred application and the amount of paint needed in the class. The recommended time for drying between coats is 30 minutes. We will use this time to talk about techniques and additional ideas for other projects. A little snack will be provided as well! Oh, and don't forget your paint and official Amy Howard apron will be a take home as well! You'll learn loads of tried and true tips for a successful end result.

It's important to protect any special finishes (in this case, brass feet) so the paint can be applied for a perfect and neat finish. We chose a new gray color for this piece. What's not to like about gray, right?! There are several gray tones if it is of interest. Neutrals, vivid colors and black as well!

Stirring and off-loading your brush as important steps we will talk about...


More progress...

We love the tag line adopted by Amy Howard, "enjoy the bragging rights"! 

Classes will be repeated several times per month, some evening and some during the day. There are also products for antiquing mirrors and lacquer techniques! Oh so cool! Waxing your piece for added aging and personality will be demonstrated as well with our One Step class. 

We hope to see you in another class soon! Call for signup or email us at or for more class options. Whether it's a new nursery, guest room furniture, or accent table you want to personalize, you can learn the tips from our experts in class! Come see the magic.

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