Friday, February 14, 2014

Store Flip!

Every few months, my team of merry magic-makers and I move the entire store around. I mean, as if everything single item in the store gets moved to a new place...

Sofas, tables, chairs, rugs, lamps...every table top is then re-merchandised with a fresh new look. Whew! It is a huge effort that take about three days and well into those nights as well...late, late nights! 

That move was executed last week...

We had a few unusual challenges to deal with at the same time...

 We lost our power due to the ice and snow storm right in the middle of this overwhelming task!

My building is a historic stone building...cold cold cold. We lost two days and nights work, but luckily got our power back much sooner than I did at home! I was actually happy to have such a project to keep me busy and give me a place to hang out that was warm and had lights! At home, I was not so lucky. I'm not much of a "rough it" kind of girl. I really need my makeup mirror , a hot shower and a hairdryer to make my day go well. So, that sets the stage for the few next long days and nights...

For those of you who read my blog and market reports, you may recall that Pantone announced their 2014 color of the year during the January Market. Radiant Orchid...and radiant it is! Not to be left out of the trend, I selected an impact wall and had it painted . Naturally, Radiant Orchid!

We paired it with chartreuse and charcoal. (Since this photo, I have had the inside of the fireplace mantle painted black, which looks great and more convincing of a room setting.) Taking in the effects of this horrid winter weather for the past 8 weeks, it feels fresh and happy! I'm not sure you would want to paint an entire room in this color, but if you pick up an issue of Local Living, currently on the news stands, you can read an article I wrote for them about how to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your rooms. It is a beautiful color paired with navy, gray or taupe's. Even an intense lime-y chartreuse room or predominant fabric would be the perfect compliment!

Team members were busy painting my prop furniture and my supportive and every ready painter, Walt, stepped in to paint several areas for us in order to make the change complete. 

When you look around the store and every surface is empty, and you see that everything is on the floor, piled high on permanent surfaces, and tucked into every corner everywhere, it is pretty overwhelming. Just picture 8000 square feet of containers, leaves, books, busts, art, mirrors....well, you get the picture.

There is a fine art to moving every single  piece of furniture at one time and a certain amount of engineering goes into it. Which do you move first to create a path? Where can that one go while this one is put into place? Sneelock and my son, Ryan were the man power and myself, Lisa and Kelly moved our share of whatever we could manage. Can I just say that one is very tired at the end of such a night!

Here is another area I'll spotlight, but the rest of the store will have to be a surprise for you when you next visit! There are lots of beautiful new accessories and lamps, new art and spring floral accents as well.
It may be an arctic blast outside, but it looks springy and refreshed throughout the store!

Navy continues to be a strong trend. We paired it with a backdrop of strong contrasting lime and white in the accent accessories.It is a very basic color and there are loads of accent colors to pump it up. You'll be inspired with the suggestions we have for you!

These curvy french feeling sofas talk to each other around an oval black glass table, grounded by the Heaven white shag rug.
Gray pierced lidded ginger jars dress the mantle along with fresh greenery. One of my favorite sets of mid-century side chests flank the fireplace and give surfaces for lamps and accessories.

Everything is fresh and bright! If you're looking for a relief from this dull, cold, icy cruel joke of a winter, I hope you'll stop in and have a tour of the new beauty! 

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Hope to see you soon. It's a whole new Black-eyed Susan for you to love!

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