Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Market Day 7!

Our carts are definitely getting heavier, bulging with catalogs, samples and water bottles. There are strong young men posted at most stairways to help the likes of shoppers like us, but tomorrow only the diehards will be roaming the halls. No more manly help for us. Eek. 

We have a few key appointments tomorrow and then we pack up the rolling carts for home!

Exciting news for today! We met with our paint supplier, Amy Howard for a few new tips on using the newest introduction to the line, Lacquer Paint Pens! These will allow you to add pin striping details or completely personalized accents to your accent lacquer pieces! We are  working on our newest samples for the next booking of classes for all you DIY designers! The classes will be held at multiple times during the winter months. Watch for emails to announce the dates and paint finish options. Classes will be fun, educational and fulfilling. Come join us!    

 It's been a long week. Some fun. Some stress. Some tired feet. Some sleepless nights. Some exciting finds. Too many glittered rodents. Some inspirations. Some overload. Another Winter Market completed.  Too soon is will be time to get down to the business that is waiting in my retail store. Oh. My. 

Another Black-eyed Susan Christmas designed and ordered. Merry Christmas 2014!


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