Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Window Dressing!

Sneelock poses for a self portrait!

What a night! The weather was blustery and cold, it had been raining or snowing most of the day. I commendered Sneelock to go into the woods with me to cut down a vanload of bare branches to use in my next window display. He was smarter than I and donned a knit cap, I felt happy to find an old pair of duck boots to keep my feet dry (with several pair of socks to make them fit!)

Documentation of Susan wearing duck boots!

Leaving the scene!

Ahhhh! That fabulous fall color!

Susan helping to load the goods!

With rain and wind, we hit the trail to find the perfect branches and came home with quite a bounty! A warm fire and soup hit the spot.

Now, wait to see the end result. I think you'll be pleased.

Thanks, Sneelock.


michelle said...

Hooray for a self-portrait with Sneelock! And for documentation of you wearing duck boots -- good thinking.

I heard on the radio about the crazy weather you've been having. Brrr! (did you really say snow?) Looks like we're actually going to have a warm Halloween here.

I love that you now have a loppers label.

Anonymous said...

I must say I am not envious of your trip to the woods for branches in the rain! But you get many kudos for your dedication and hard work!!! That goes for you to Fred!

emily said...

I love the self portrait! Mostly because it features two of my favorite people! I love you both, and your willingness to do what it takes to obtain the branches you need, and Uncle Fred's willingness to help you in the quest!

That does look chilly! We had a cold weekend earlier this month, but now I'm enjoying some perfect fall days. The soup and fire sound quite cozy, though. It's a good thing you have so many pashminas to keep you warm!

Love you! And thank you so much for the ridiculously cute picture frames! They perfectly tie together mine and my roommate's bedding, and make a great addition to our room's decor. Thanks!

charlotte said...

That's awesome you got a self-portrait with Sneelock!! I love it!

Denise said...

I want a self portrait with Sneelock, because maybe that would mean that he would be helping me with some dreaded project! Cute picture for sure.

I don't think I would have believed you if you told me that you donned duck boots--way to back up your hard-to-believe claims with good photo documentation.

We're also forecasted to have the warmest Halloween in years. I was sort of hoping for a colder one that would keep Sarah from trick-or-treating too long!