Monday, December 6, 2010

Set-ups, Day 8: Halleluiah!

  • Gear up for one last day of set-ups with a breakfast of fresh bran muffins and cottage cheese
  • Plan outfits with layered clothing to combat freezing temperatures
  • Arrive at set-up, tools in tow, and--on auto-pilot--begin tackling banister, mantles, and kugels
  • Enjoy Diet Coke (served in lead crystal goblets) and lunch courtesy of another gracious client
  • Clean up, bid goodbye and thank client, sink gratefully into heated seats and decide, spontaneously, to get pedicures!
  • Go into partial trance while feet are pampered
  • Laugh at Susan's midget foot in salon-provided flip-flop
  • Cringe at having to walk to the car in frigid weather wearing said flip-flops
  • Decide on one more brief shopping expedition, followed by late dinner at Baja Fresh
  • Thank server for taking our order despite apparent imminent close
  • Enjoy fine array of salsas and warm tortilla chips
  • Attempt one last SP, hoping that blurry outcome disguises signs of aging and fatigue
  • Drive home to pack Denise's purchases, sad that--though the week has been exhausting with a combined total of 135 man-hours--our sister time is over


Lee said...

Sounds wonderful. Looks wonderful too. You are very blessed Susan to be so close to your sister. But I have one concern, your diet when you and she are working. Coke zero? MM's, soda and chocolate oh dear.
I'm worried. Lisa

michelle said...

I'm so glad you two were able to get a pedicure! Well-deserved.