Thursday, January 12, 2012

Atlanta Day 2 Trend Report

I find myself in my room at the end of the day without a single self portrait of Linda and I! Sad.

Day two, our first full day was packed. Sadly, 15 minutes into the walk to our favorite breakfast cafe (Corner Bakery) my shoes were telling me I had made a pour choice. Even sadder, they were my "backup shoes" for when my high heeled boots hurt. Ugh.

We spent the first, actually most of the day, doing interior research for client work. Rugs, rugs and more rugs. Color reigns and bold graphic modernism is so fun to source! I'm working on several teenage girl projects and one young man's, along with several dining room and family rooms projects for adult clients.
Here's a few of the favorites for today:

Lime green graphic print; a request from a darling 12 year old client.

or....she might be persuaded to consider this wow orange rug! I'm sure you know that Pantone named an orange as the color of the year. I'm all on board with that one!

This taupe and chartreuse one was really calling my name. I have several projects this one would be perfect for!

We scouted out an entire floor of custom bedding as well. Lots of cute graphic color blocking and bold prints...

Look at this young adult pallet in warm stone and coral! Oh so Susan. Machine washable and delightfully punctuated with color- what could be a better formula?

Polka dots. Personal favorite and just look at the range of colors , including several in the purple family- another big trend to follow.

Then, realizing that our first appointment for Christmas order writing is one day away and we have no color stories decided upon (eek!), we swiftly headed to the 18th floor to get inspired and find direction for the 2012 Christmas offerings. There's always distractions along the way and we stopped to place several jewelry orders, along with some home decor and floral accent orders.

We loved this happy display of a large succulent surrounded by vibrant green glass ornaments and clusters of miniature ornaments, all nestled in assorted colored glass and green pea gravel. So cute.

Just before leaving the Mart, my fine friend offered to stop and switch shoes. Best. Friend. Forever. I guess she knew it was her ticket to a real dinner tonight.

Thanks, Linda. I owe you one.

Tomorrow, day three...the real work begins for the Christmas buying. Oh, right after the frenzy of cash and carry jewelry buying, that is. Reports to follow.

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