Sunday, January 15, 2012

Underestimating Your Desires

Several years ago, one of the main vendors we love (Jim Marvin) introduced fabulously trendy colors in shatterproof ornaments. Now there are plenty of shatterproof ornaments on the market to find, but none set the bar as high has his. No seams. Bold colors. Delicate colors. Matt colors. Pearl colors. Shiny colors. Over the years, other vendors have stepped up and now we can find additional suppliers and assorted colors. Oh the beauty, charm and practicalities wrapped up in all sizes from soccer ball to baseball...

Since then, we have always offered an array of our favorite picks for indoor as well as outdoor use. Last year, we vastly underestimated the demand for this category! I even hoarded them in my stockroom, shielding them from employee purchases until my outdoor urn event (well into the first of December). Sadly, we sold out in one day. Wow. We grossly underestimated the demand!

So, today, we bought hundreds of shatterproof ornaments in the most delicious colors, finishes and sizes. 374 ornaments to be exact. Just wait till you see them. Cherry red, apple green, persimmon, burgundy, chocolate, and rust. We listened and we're prepared.

And look at this array of roses marrying all the colors together. Ahhhh. This one's for you, Mary!

Just as this was selected for our client, Mary, we can source your special requests too. Market trips always include a list of these "hearts desires" for many Black-eyed Susan clients. Feel free to add your name to the list!

I'm already looking forward to next years color stories and designs. Can't wait!

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