Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catching up!

So far my goal to post more often is not working...okay, eye surgery (no more glasses soon!), Charleston deadline, 6 new sofas and accompanying chairs to be merchandised, tables, mirrors, accessories...Bucks County Designer House coming soon, loads of fundraising baking...I feel somewhat justified. But, I still am disappointed.

Almost a month ago, I made a quick weekend visit to my daughter's in Charlotte and took with me some fun selections to complete an accessory call for a client while I was there. It had been about 10 years I would say since I last did her foyer and family room mantle and as you can imagine, it was time for a fresh approach!

This was the result;

Family room "before" mantle. It was really current so many years ago! Hey, it happens. As you know, I am in the process of updating my entire main level! I had some ideas to reuse some of the elements.

Here is the "after" shot. I re-used the cool square clock, laying it in front of a new large mirror. I added a current lantern filled with interesting organic things . The frames are filled with old book pages, documents and miniature clock findings. Obviously, I was not in tune with my photography! Sorry for the out of focus shots...but you can compare the two designs and see the changes. I like the new look! Of course, those orange orchids make my heart sing!     

This is the "before " shot of the foyer table. The lamp was really outdated and I felt like we needed more impact as a focal point. Something large in art....or, another mirror! My clients often ask me if one can end up with "too many mirrors", and I guess you can see what my answer might be! There are times when mirrors can act as your art.

This was the new design. The lamp was replaced with this hip one, larger, yet narrow enough for the table. I added succulents and after this photo I recovered the books with document paper to neutralize the color.   
 The expense  wasn't tremendous and other than a nine hour drive, easily accomplished! 

Accessory calls are one of the most  popular services I offer. You can book a "House Call" as we deem it, or bring your own photos in on your iPhone with a few pertinent measurements. I  will lay it out for you on one of my store surfaces. Take your own photo , go home and recreate it! 

Look! Look! Oh Look! (this happens to be a favorite piece of art at my home!)

Come in, or you can book an email critique as well. The immediate gratification is tremendous! Be it a mantle, office, kitchen or foyer...it's pure magic.

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Sophia said...

Wow! This all looks so familiar. Except, I do have some critiquing to do... in the hallway. I do believe the focal point of the previous arrangement was far better than a mirror. It was picture. Of a girl. With long brown hair. She was quite pretty actually. That picture seems to be missing. I must say, it doesn't look quite right without her there.