Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Charleston Day Four

It was another long productive day, we are still working and I'm pretty sure by the time I get back to my hotel, it will be too late for the post. We are at that stage where we are feeling overwhelmed by soooo many pieces of art yet to place, three rooms of draperies to hang...finishing touches and a photo shoot...never mind the master bedroom hasn't been touched yet!!

In light of all this, we took a few photos and will share them with you. I'm posting from my iPad, so don't have the creative license to use as I do on my laptop....this is the choice for tonight!

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At the end of a long day, Fred asked me to steady the back hall desk while he leveled the legs...

Living room is progressing...love the art, and roses nestled with succulents.

How about these chartreuse vessels from Global Views?!

Linda is wondering how she is going to keep these white sofas clean with this large black cat!

We reinvented an former console used in the former family room by reprinting it...you guested it, SW Warm Stone. The art is new and the accents combined from old and new. But, the new Bling flush mount chandelier is spectacular!!!

Tomorrow will be crunch day for sure. It's all coming together in a very satisfying way.

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