Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chartreuse Trend!

A week ago or so, I reported that I had several favorite new fabrics and a new favorite color! How pleased I was to find that it appears that this is an overall trend in the design industry! It always surprises me when this happens...my favorite blues of the past few years are now the hottest color trends everywhere!

Just take a look at some of the "chartreuse sightings" as I like to call them...in every category!

Literally in almost every showroom, chartreuse showed up and caught my eye immediately.

Fabulously large chartreuse lidded vessel...

A wee bit smaller, still the same great color!

Candlesticks...chartreuse, of course!

Finials are a favorite category:: chartreuse finials; the best!

...even dishes

This grey and chartreuse rug...absolutely perfect with my favorite new pallet noted a few posts ago!

One more hip rug with chartreuse playing a major roll. My flash has distorted the color slightly, but take my word for it...oh, yea. Chartreuse!

We spent a good hour in a favorite showroom ; Whitehurst. They specialize in the finest imported glass ornaments from about an inch to 8 inches! For years, Black-eyed Susan has been known for having these unusual sizes (you know, bigger is better!). Last year, I was really missing the addition of the 1" accent ornaments in as many colors and finishes as you can dream of. This year they'll be back! These little darlings have hundreds of uses and you can expect to see them in unusual settings throughout the showroom.

This long shot doesn't even do justice to the hundreds of selections available! Not only color, they are available in shiny, matt, and pearl ! We had to search the entire building to find them and query many vendors; voila! Success. You're going to love these as much as I do.

...and just one more happy surprise! A brand new color for this year! Chartreuse!

Oh, happy Chartreuse. My mother would love this new trend. So do I.

Tomorrow is our last day, 7 of 7. Whew. We're ready to get on the road to get home. We've found some great new offerings and look forward to presenting them to you. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a day for flats. Yes, flats for sure.

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