Sunday, January 9, 2011

Everything Old is New Again!

After multiple nights of Christmas take-down, sorting and revamping, I'm happy to report that everything old is new again! While at times and in varying degrees this project seems a bit overwhelming, when all is said and done...I'm happy with the end result; a fresh new look in every single corner of the store!

Here's a quick preview. You'll need to come in for yourself to see the real magic that happens when the store is flipped.

New mantle display; fabulous new mirror and french tray...always a few books, and voila!

The cutest props ever! Photocopied miniature French letters. Oh my! Available as a set in a tiny envelope. These will go fast.

Another cute prop to purchase...reproduced vintage photographs. I sunk mine down into these apothecary jars seated with dried Lima beans. (This might be the best use for Lima beans that I know!)

One of my absolute favorite new deliveries...this reclaimed wood top table with industrial iron base. So cool, and a very good price too!

When a complete floor change is done, every sofa, chair, bookcase, table and accent find a new home. Whew! My favorite new sofa (for now!) has found a home in the orange (Yam) room, inviting all to peer into the front windows for an inspiring peek.

Layered vintage frames, flea market music pages and dried broad leaves from my summer vacation set the stage. These repro alphabet cards bring interest to the mix, and the large rams head urns ground the display. Tiny fig trees and once again, beautiful book volumes finish the mantle design. All these items are available for your purchase.

The appearance of fresh spring floral orders just make me happy! These look like they could have been cut from the garden...never mind several inches of snow on the ground! Ahhh, the beauty of artificial perfection.

Some one's cottage or shore house is waiting for these darling chairs. And, they are as comfy as they are beautiful. The reclaimed table adds the perfect touch of modernism and interest. Hand carved wood finials and hurricanes punctuate the room setting.

Check out this cool console! Reclaimed wood top; industrial iron base; mirrored accents, just right!

I have been waiting for these chairs to come in for at east 6 months! Finally, they appeared and after a good steam ironing, here they are! I only have two left, but special orders can be taken. These are under $300.00 each! Yea!!

Okay, so I have one more area to complete...some of the items are close at hand for this last effort. I promise I'll have it completed prior to my leaving for Market on Monday!

Come see the magic. Like I said, everything old is new again!


Lee said...

The store looks pretty again. I'm just still missing Christmas. Like my house that feels bare again. How lucky are you to go to a Christmas expo! Can I go in your suitcase?

linda said...

It looks great and oh so inviting! Many neat things I would love to have, the mirror, chairs and love the rams head urns!

Kara said...

Our long nights certainly paid off! :) Hope you're having fun!

Bethany said...

Cannot wait to swing by soon to see all the new goods. I'm be back in Bucks County early next week and be there with bells on!