Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Problem Is...

Some days, we get so wrapped up in staying on track that we forget to take important photos to document our day. List in hand; appointments scheduled, we travel the three buildings with 20 floors each to find our treasures. Lunch...what's that ?! Dinner, sometimes. Sometimes not.

We realized today that one of our problems is that we love almost anything that is designed with glitter as a factor! I'm not saying that all of our inventory will be glitter encrusted...but I would go as far as to say that there will be a good selection including glitter! Just say'in.

A big theme for this year will be vintage reproduction houses and churches. Take a look at these crystal encrusted, glittered houses, all battery lit for soft atmosphere.

We're hoping to finish most of the Christmas orders tomorrow and move on to general merchandise the last few days. It gets exhausting seeking and culling Christmas selections day after day after day. Good thing there is an end in sight.

We did find these cool things at the end of our day today:

Super fresh music-covered ornaments-we will probably cut the ribbon hangars off and use them as ornamental spheres.

I'm a big fan of birch-themed props that can be interpreted into home decor use. Look at these bundles in two sizes! I can already think of multiple ideas for these.

Tomorrow is day 5. Whew. I'll try to do better with photo documentation for your review. No matter how we organize our rolling cart, it becomes a black hole very easily; full of files, notes, sample fabrics, sample ornaments, pain relievers, cell phones, lipsticks in assorted colors, pens and pencils, sticky notes, gloves, secondary wraps or scarves for temperature changes within the buildings, snacks, multiple eye glasses , directories..even sometimes a change of shoes!.Can you see why it's sometimes hard to mull through all this for the camera?! Now that you have the visual of the rolling cart dilemma...I'll try to pull out the camera throughout the day.

See you tomorrow. It will be a new day.


Lee said...

I love glitter too. I think you need to bring someone along just to do the blogging photos for you.

michelle said...

Well, just when I thought that glitter could improve anything, I saw that giant butterfly...