Thursday, July 14, 2011

Atlanta Birthday Bash!

Every year for the past 20 (!) Linda has spent her birthday with me. Well, I think there was one (the year she turned 40) that she was not present...that's a pretty long track record! I'm not sure I would be so magnanimous myself to spend this special day year after year working, walking, documenting, searching, fighting for an elevator, walking...walking...walking...(did I mention walking?) I can count three of her four pregnancies that she was a trouper. I can tell you that there is no one who is more entertaining, more brilliant, more intuitive, more stylish, more energetic, more focused and more just plain fun to work with than Linda. Almost hourly, someone asks us if we are sisters. (I suppose I would qualify for the wicked older stepsister)...Occasionally, I help her with a design project with my insight. For the most part, it's all about Black-eyed Susan and the quest for new and exciting merchandise. She is the total voice of reason with the benefit of quick wit and style. Thank you, Linda for so many years of support and hard work.

Here's a quick report of a few of our findings today! After all, look at the time and my 6:00am alarm goes off again tomorrow morning...

Fabulously serious chartreuse urn! A definite.

:: Monastery table for client...check.

::Companion Paris 16 Bookcase for
same client...check.

:: Paris 16 sideboard! So grande. Check.

What could be more delightful than this heavy glass over sized bowl filled with chartreuse mood moss...a signature accent at Black-eyed Susan. Check.

::Day one, check.

Thanks, Linda, for another personal and special day given to the cause. You're my darling friend and blessing. Happy Birthday.

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