Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drinkable Color Abounds

Oh, how I love spending time on the textile floor! Bedding, pillows and French linens...soft, bright, patterned, and tone on tone neutrals. It's a joy to behold! I've said before that textiles are my drug of choice-so today, I was in hog heaven as my darling mother used to say!

These are some of the pleasing collections that caught my eye;

What do you know...warm stone and citrine! Of course, you know from reading my makeover project that it's a favorite pallet for me! Fabulous pattern, strong contrast and drinkable color.

It just so happens that you will find this fabric memo hanging out at Black-eyed Susan as an inspiration fabric! One of my sales reps came by the other day to show me his new collections and this one was one of my favorites! Halcyon blue has been added to the warm stone and citrine mix and it's pure magic. Love it!

But wait! Look at this coral vision (of course, combined again with warm stone). Ahhhhhhhh. I must find a project for this one!

This was a new collection from one of my favorite long time vendors. Her line is fairly traditional, but always full of fine and distinct color pallets. This one combines soft grayed blues in printed linens and panne velvet. Sink into this bed of non traditional color for a dreamy night's sleep. Purely pretty!

Shannon, this might have to be a next look for a welcoming guest suite! Do you approve?!

I'm just pointing out, that around Black-eyed Susan, we have been ahead of the color trend for the past six months! I surely do not have my fill of it yet. Just drink in these patterns.

Cutest display every from a darling designer. Nancy Bishop has real style and we are definitely on the same page of the color wheel. Her firm, Lacefield Designs can be previewed with me at my event coming soon, "Look What I found!" I'll have her catalog with pricing and special order information that night. Her designs make my heart sing! This is a must to see for yourself.

One of my favorite vendors, Aiden Gray, had this adorable display to pull his new wall color off. He used a drinkable color of soft pink (to be announced at my post market event). The creator told me that it is the first time ever that color had been used on the walls of his booth! And what a soft, inviting color it was. I could just imagine a glamorous bedroom in this color.

Last on the list for the day...this purely stylish and inspiring booth! Great color. Great vision. Great name!

I've got a few hours of paperwork to sort through, a bit of pressing to do for tomorrows wardrobe, emails to respond to and Sneelock to call....goodnight for now!

More good reports tomorrow.

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