Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig...or moss spheres.

This morning at 6:15am I pulled out of the driveway. I left one heat box for another...Atlanta July Market...again!

I always fly into Charlotte and make the drive with Linda. It does seem just a little silly to have an overlay in Atlanta on the way to Charlotte...to be picked up from the airport, and drive to Atlanta...(is there something wrong with this picture?!) On the up side, there is no one more entertaining than Linda, and the ride down is spent catching up, planning vendors to see and generally making good use of our time together.

For you return readers, you can always count on my good and bad picks at market for the next few days! I'll keep you posted, so check in each night. For you new readers, the Atlanta Market is full of Southern charm, food, and three professional buildings to the retail trade, each 20 stories high and about 50 showrooms per floor! (I so wanted to bring my pedometer, but forgot it!) We are on our feet about 12 hours a day...sometimes, more. (Never mind, Linda had knee surgery a few weeks ago...you'll see how it has impacted her shoe wardrobe!).

We checked in to our room, newly redecorated. I have often dreamed of designing a posh hotel chain, so of course I have my critique of our new accommodations.

I will say, that I was thrilled to see that our room was punctuated by colorful orange accents, such a compliment to my favorite rolling cart!

...the newly designed room did not take into accommodation the need for two shoe mavens..

...our tiniest of tiny closet (more like a single wardrobe!)

...the geometric urban patterned carpet, cool.

One (actually, the only!) piece of art in the room...bright and fun composition...

Sheer draperies...not so good. Actually, bad. Bad, bad, bad, very bad. SO BAD! (Not one for the "remember" file).

Of course, no room would be complete without a large flat screen for early morning and late night news casts.On occasion, we have been know to rent a movie. (How I wish we could view it from the bathtub during a foot soak!)

...the bleak evidence of Linda's foot surgery! She's doomed for flats all week. Hmmm. Maybe this could a new trend for us!

Lastly, every year we travel to this market during Linda's birthday! (She's so good to keep coming). I always come armed with her gift and we celebrate by having our one nice meal of the week. I'm thankful it comes early in the week of long days, as I will admit that by mid to late week, we just want to sit quietly with room service.

And so, another market week begins. Stay tuned for the reports!

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