Friday, July 15, 2011

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

Another day. We found some great floral accents...lots of moss items, tons of succulents (oh, my heart!) and assorted great accessories.

Of course, we saw our share of ugly things as well...(I haven't documented much of that side of my buying this time!) I guess there's more of that during the holiday buying season.

How many of these should I buy? I'll need your orders right away to make sure we get what we want! tee hee...

This super chic desk is made of glass!! Beautiful sea salt colored glass. *sigh* (Note to self:: for your next private office)

A rather large pod of some kind! Sorry, while I ordered them for interesting table top use, I can't recall their rather exotic name!

Purple is everywhere...

Sassy green could be yours!

Recap of day:

  • Hit the cash and carry jewelry first thing.
  • Rush through the isles, heavily laden with packages.
  • Arrive half an hour late for our mid afternoon appointment only to be greeted by frightening vases.
  • Realize I left my camera in hotel room.
  • Linda's camera battery dies.
  • Wonder once again why we don't just open a 500 sq. ft. jewelry store!
With the camera battery charging, our brains begging to charge for the night, and our feet smothered in foot cream, we're preparing for another day...

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