Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Off

I took the day off and enjoyed spending time at home! This doesn't happen often, and I found myself involved in multiple baking projects. I remembered how much I love to bake when I am not thrown into a "crisis deadline" as my daughter, Michelle, identifies it!

In between my sifting, baking, cleaning and starting over again, I also;

wrapped and mailed my darling sister's birthday gifts
worked out on the cross trainer
did a little grocery shopping (baking supplies...in my stylish yellow apron with ruffles)
delivered two chests and lamps (two hour delay...)
filled out Designer House forms
worked on a new ad with Sneelock
put out a little spring decor!
lost another pair of reading glasses. Ugh
took my alterations to the dry cleaners (T-rex arms)
soaked and cleaned all my styling brushes
ironed the guest sheets
skipped lunch...and dinner
visited a darling elderly man in the hospital
paid a few bills

All in all, I did a lot that I seldom have time for.

Take a look at some of my favorite spring accents that have lived far too many years in the bowels of my storage room;

I found a treasure box in my storage room of fabulously colored fiesta-type dishes! Chartreuse, robin egg and red. Ahhhhhhh. What a pleasant vintage surprise! I used them in stacks on the dining room table. Here is one with a crocus bulb nesting in it. I couldn't recall how long ago I had purchased them, no doubt at a flea market or tag sale somewhere.

This velvet rabbit with ribbon-tied egg is a personal favorite, purchased from my Yardley cottage store some years ago! The chicks have beads in them that rattle when you shake them. So cute.

I gathered these paper mache eggs with tinsel trim and found a vintage silver basket to display them in. Another BES purchase from years ago!

This crouching Bunnie has two friends, each as realistic as he! He has a home on my large oval mirror-tray, along with these bright eggs and tendril-sh vine.

It was a creative and productive day, yet I find my self at the end of the day feeling as if I had much more to do...

All in all, a nice day off. I'll play catchup tomorrow.

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