Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peak!

Each Spring, I usually participate in one of the area Designer Houses as a first tier contributor.
This year, we are putting our efforts into the Bucks County Designer House, supporting the Doylestown Hospital.

There is so much thought that goes into our room design! First, all the participating designers view the house and "bid" on the room they want to do. A design board is submitted and reviewed by the Designer House Committee and you are assigned a room. It' not always the room you selected as your first choice, but it's a happy day when it is!

We struck gold this year and was asked to do the room we bid on, the dining room.

I'm pretty well known for color and I don't think this years room will disappoint! While the room is now completed (the paint, that is!), I only have photos of the beginning day to share.

My totally darling and agreeable painter (always first on my list!) started right in covering the dated and not "oh so susan" trim color of Wedgwood blue. My pallet is, on the other hand, "Oh! So Susan!". Lipstick, warm stone and a taupe-beige. I always like using the impact of a color from current trends, and I was impressed with this one which was shown in abundance at the winter Atlanta Market! It's daring...high gloss...and lipstick! That should paint the picture in your head.

Walt putting the last stroke of new trim color on the window! Just compare it to that baseboard.


Here's the first peak at the wall color (look up!). I always paint walls and ceilings the same color...don't fear, you'll love it! I decided to pick things up a bit with the high gloss finish. It is some kind of industrial finish from Sherwin Williams!

The room is completely painted now. I heard a few comments today that it is quite the talk of the house! It's a shock for sure in the state that it is in, but I can promise you a fabulous transformation from drab to fab. I suppose it's good to be the talk of the town and a little hype and buzz doesn't worry me.

I'll be delivering furniture soon and will keep you posted with some more photos.

Hint: Jeweled buttons, zebra, urban drapery panels, and lime accents.

Just you wait!

Walt is the best.

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