Thursday, March 8, 2012

Look! Look! Oh, Look!

I just returned home from my weekly "night shift" work. I have a great team-in-training (for my retirement, of course) in Shannon and Ann. We make a great threesome! I'm pretty sure they didn't sign up for midnight shifts and heavy load detail, but all in all, we have a great time finding our creative moxie. The late night hours result from the need to create chaos in the process of new creations in our visual displays.

Upon arriving home a wee bit earlier than usual (!) I promptly sat down to the dinner of champions...

A porcelain tea cup of Cheerios is just the ticket for a midnight dinner. The teacup provides perfect portion control, not to mention keeping the cereal from getting soggy!

After several days of multiple truck-loads of cool inventory coming in the back door, paired with Evelyn and Connie power-teaming through the unpacking, pricing and taking multiple loads to the dumpster, we had a stock room of inspiration to work with.

Here's just a tiny tease of what to expect next time you visit!

This is the fabulous rustic bird cage I ordered during the last Atlanta Market! Shannon went on a hunt through the stock room for my props and came up with a box of straw...Ann gently maneuvered the concrete pigeon through the door. Oh. My. The replica of the old fan has a working clock face, making the the perfect accessory. I added the shallow compote with bird's nests, a few vintage books, letters, and postcards, a favorite myrtle topiary and, WOW!

I love visual display. It's such a fulfilling type of creativity. And, Ann and Shannon really make the work fun!

Last week, same time, same station-you might say, we designed an entire setup around an original oil painting of a flock of smiling sheep (so Bucks County). Ann and I patted ourselves on the back as we left. The entire mantle sang of spring. Two days later, Jackie announced that she had sold the painting. She was gleeful, I responded with a scowl! So, tonight, we were forced to create a new vignette. This clock face made into a large mirror started as our focal point. Flanking the mirror, two chic lamps. The rest of the formula was made up of assorted globes and book storage boxes. Great color story with a very Ralph-y globe theme. We relocated some great warm stone colored cachepots to ground the story with a few favorite maidenhair ferns.

All in all, a good save from the previously destroyed vision. Selling Susan's favorites isn't all it's cracked up to be, Jackie! See if you can keep this one through the weekend, please.

And, to all our Black-eyed Susan fans....come see the magic.

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