Thursday, September 13, 2012

Completely Honored!

Last Saturday we held our annual Paris Flea Market Sale. Soooo much work!

We had a very successful day and the weather was pure heaven. Many prayers were answered as we anticipated this event! The clouds didn't break open until fore casted (4:00pm)! 

The day started out with such a great response from our Black-eyed Susan friends and followers that I got caught up in the frenzy...sorry, no photos...I know, how silly of me. It's always fun to show you what a mad house this sale creates!

It is also an annual tradition that my staff and I provide a very nice lunch spread for the Black-eyed Susan workers. It was hard to find time to start the rotation this year! If you had a chance to read my last post "What I did on my vacation, really", you will catch a glimpse of the cake I made for my staff. Late in the day, one of our favorite friends and long time BES supporters dropped by. It's always a pleasure and sociable time when Andrew stops by. He often brings gifts and always accolades for our efforts. I think he has been shopping in my store for almost as long as I can recall. I often tell him should I run short of inventory, I know where I can readily gather some!

We noticed that he had brought with him a "take-out" container and this caused quite a lively conversation. Andrew said that he had read my blog (a dedicated follower!) regarding my cake baking for the Flea Market and remembered that last year I had sent him home with a piece of the pie you might say!  So this year, he came prepared! He called it presumptuous, I called it pure flattery! There isn't anyone I would rather include in our cake-fest than such a friend. Good thinking, Andrew.

This could be our new Flea Market tradition! Meet Andrew. He's a fine friend to have.

Andrew's sizable piece of German Chocolate Cake! Photo compliments of Nancy's cell phone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"What I Did On My Vacation"...really.

Have you ever taken a vacation week to stay home? Just stay home. Well, stay home and catch up on things you never have time to do... No commitments. No appointments. No makeup if you don't want to. No dinner appointments. No night shift work. 

That is exactly what I did. And while I took the week off from work, these are a few of the things I accomplished;

Sorted and reviewed  every box stored in my home storage room containing Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas decor accumulated over the past 15 years...4 vans full to be exact!

Re-organized my 10 foot wide 9 foot high Habersham Biblioteque holding my vintage glass and cake plate collection. Objectively reviewed and culled  to keep only must haves...38 vintage cake plates remain!

Reviewed all linens, tablecloths, napkins and related items. Discard pile and sell pile remained after favorites were restored to order.

Sentimentally handled and organized every vintage plate, cup and saucer, butter pat and serving dish in vast collection. One again, objectively compiled a sale pile.

Sorted my loft Biblioteque where assorted transfer ware dish collections are stored. Sighed. Conquered and divided for upcoming tag sale.

Reviewed mud room and extensive milk glass collection for possible sale items. As yet, undecided.

Listed room by room sale items...not sure where we will sit for a few months.

Baked two prize cakes for friends.

Sorted and categorized vintage button collection (loose ones) by color-15 zip locks full. *sigh*

Ironed numerous drapery panels.

Checked every room in entire home for items to edit.  

Why? I an preparing to redecorate several  rooms in my home, and yes...someday in the next few years, I plan to retire! 

So...take a look at some of my treasures that will be part of my tag sale to rival Martha Stewart's!
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Here we go,
....randomly selected...

Favorite Habersham cupboard with a view of small portion of vintage cake plate collection

Assorted vintage plates, saucers and butter pats! I don 't dare count how many butter pats I have, but only know that I have plenty to spare. Kept only favorite sets!

Library wing chairs and French aubison rug to be sold, also knitting basket and period tea table

Historic monkey lamp-out with the old, in the the new....Denise will be so happy.

Selected art to be more!

Quite possibly  the best cake I've baked to perfection since my darling mother passed away

More vintage favorites edited for sale

Square set of plates...could it be some brown transfer ware?!

Wonderful set of vintage book plate botanicals, yep. To sell.

Assorted boxes that were sorted for the Black-eyed Susan Paris Flea Market

More butter pats!

Dining table with selected assorts

Milk glass, and oh so much more where this came from!

Just a teaser of the entire collection...

I used to love to hang these as embellishments, or car touches. Perhaps you will too.

Candlewick glass collectibles. Okay, I'm being objective...

Authentic French hand painted armoire.Just wait till you see the hand painted interior!

This divine and dramatic floral has been a favorite for years. I guess it's time.

Even chandeliers are on my replacement list!

Family room silk draperies. (Forgive my new color ideas in the foreground)

Coveted by all comfy chair...perfect condition

                                                             oh, and the rug!

Favorite sofa...mohair and chenille. You can sink into this one.

Long loved armoire , magazine holder and Tom Caldwell art. Yes, the rug too. Fabulous colors
Close up of armoire. Love.

Master bedroom Habersham four poster bed and silk bedding...plates too!

Master bedroom silk draperies . Worth more than you an imagine...shhhhhh.

Vintage clock art...could be restored. *sigh*

Another piece of favorite original art..."girl in orange" I call her

So that is a recap of my vacation...and a few of my favorite things that will be featured in my personal tag sale. If anything interests you, just let me know!  

Milk glass collection-minus the cake plates! Cupboard? Maybe.
So, watch for my new digs!