Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday Magic!

We set this charming French bed up with assorted linens, combining several vendors to achieve an interesting mix. 400 thread count duvet and cases...ahhhh! (You just know I would love to get my iron on these...)
Another productive night with loads of new things to put out! Ann, Kara and I worked feverishly to replace the holes created by the days sales and make room for some great new offerings.

I got a new delivery of vintage books and this 50 volume set was the winner! Harvard Classics, great color and in good condition. A real find. You really need to take a look at this beautiful console-refined, reclaimed and mirrored-what a combination for style! Use it for a media cabinet, dining side board or grand hall piece...that is, if it doesn't come to my house soon!

Our first task for to create a donation for the Buckingham Friends School fundraiser. Their theme this year is nesting...we thought this appropriate! Birdcage/lantern with driftwood bundle, nest, eggs, coral fans and just the right amount of intrigue. (You'll see my book pages rolled up to create this!) I hung an old key on one of the twine wraps...too cute! Hope it's a hit.

These stylish lined panels are perfect for beach or guest room finishing touches at a very affordable price.You can get a peek at one of my new Vanguard sofas (on sale the whole month of March!) and one of a pair of fabulous shore bird art. I can't get enough of that this time of year. And that lamp with a refined burlap shade is a great find as well.

 The "night shift" takes its toll, but also has its rewards. I'm trying to make more time to keep you inspired with what is happening at Black-eyed Susan and find new friends to love the look as much as we do! Take a look at a few of the interesting and creative ideas that might inspire your own ideas. Don't forget, Thursdays are about the best day you can visit...all fresh and just right!  

You'll find four new furniture vingettes and plenty of new accessories, art and lamps to complete your new look. See you soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday Magic

The locals and my staff know that Wednesday night creative magic happens after hours at Black-eyed Susan. It's a test of creative moxie, as there are many weeks that we stay until the wee hours of the morning, locking the door well after midnight. 

For the most part, Ann and I spend the first few minutes ooh-ing and ahh-ing abut the new merchandise and what we think we need for our own personal stash...then reality sets in and we see the long road ahead. Sneelock (if you are a new follower, you will come to know this as an affectional name for my darling husband Fred)  has a standing appointment for Wednesday night hanging, moving and manpower support.

For months, I've been wanting to document our late night ventures.I'm going to try to give you the first peek at what we do each week. Some weeks may have to be the night after report, depending on the lateness of the hour.

Tonight we made some fresh changes with new additions. It's really as if little magic elves come in after the staff leaves and brings a new look to the retail floor. All in all, Thursday is always a good day for a visit to the store. I can guarantee you an inspiring look.

 Fred spent the first   part of the night unpacking and assembling this great new work table. Potting table, island, or studio is a great piece with a cool metal top. Durable, beautiful and darned heavy! What a project. I'm not sure how in the world he did it, but look at my new addition! After wrestling with this  72" table and getting it turned right side up, I talked Sneelock into hanging this three light industrial style pendant "for show". 

Then Ann and I went to work putting the visual inspiration into place!  

A mix of succulents, exotic foliage, cloched objects,and interesting containers was used in our mix. That's a tiny glass ladybug you can see! $1.00 each, there are 50 scattered about the store. So cute. One of my favorite new purchases is a selection of staghorn ferns. You can see them in the large cloche. Organic influences are everywhere, and I had great fun at market making the selections.

Here's a closeup of the table, legs, base and top. Wow, I love it!

Zoom of glass ladybug!

These burlap printed placemats just came in. Oh. My. Chevron cool.

 Here is another graphic print. Note the wooden bowl with moss and sprouting bulb. Ahhhhhhh.

 We placed this new rolling bookcase in the front orange room. Who can deny that orange and  aqua are such good colors to play off each other?! A selection of assorted cloches, pottery, frames and succulents found homes on the shelves. What a fresh feeling!

 Ann placed one of the ladybugs under glass on this moss mound with great glee! Great idea.

We parted ways a bit before midnight. Good thing visual merchandising has its rewards!

I'll try to give you a report on each Wednesday night favorite find. Call or come in for more information. As for me, enough creative stimulation for one night. I'm heading to bed.