Monday, February 28, 2011

"Springing Things Up!"

In the last week or so, the look around Black-eyed Susan has changed! One of my cutest regulars (Joan) came in this weekend and told me that she had been "springing things up" at her house with her purchases from the weekend before! She proceeded to give me a verbal description of all that she did with these favorites. It was really fun to hear of her creative accessorizing and in our conversation, she told me that she often said out loud to herself , "what would Susan do?" Well, Joan, I think you did just fine!

And today she left with several other favorites to add to her story. Check out my last twitter post to see the large spring hare she delighted in! (I had my eye on it myself.)

Take a look at some of my favorite recent purchases to "spring up" your own place.

You just can't tell these from the real thing! Fabulous.

This fresh green hydrangea wreath is even more delightfully bright in person!

These perky little snow drops speak the language of spring...then tuck a few of these pale aqua ceramic eggs into the soil--wow!

I can never tire of the sophistication and loveliness of these life-like phaleanopsis. They even move like the real thing!

The lively color of succulents-to die for. Succulents are so stylish now!

I had to take a few of these home with me to "spring up" my own place. They move like a soft breeze is in the orchard. Ahhhhhhh

All variety of new mossy orbs! Shannon helped me work the "late shift" last week to "spring things up"as Joan says! It was fun to have a creative partner in the late night hours. She took note that my new spheres are my "spring pine cones" as she put it! True enough. The bounty of mossy orbs in a variety of shapes and sizes, do indeed serve the same purpose as my favorite 16" pine cones used throughout the store during the winter months! Good observation Shannon!

New boxwood cool.

Shannon and I reworked the windows with a breath of fresh air. They are a colorful, happy version of a French flower market! *note the spheres*

Chartreuse green dogwoods, what could be happier?...and, mossy orbs tucked into the mantle design.

Fresh apple branches---48" apple branches! Real beauties.

Breezy little maidenhair ferns and leaf cuttings...

Note the root ball on this long, airy fern! Plop it in a clear glass vase and it's perfect!

I just couldn't resist this cropped shot of a favorite new lamp that just arrived. And guess what color the French script on the shade is...Warm Stone! I need a couple of those!

If you want a breath of fresh air, and a smile to go home with, just drop in and take in the view.
And did I mention that we are having our semi-annual floral sale? Couldn't be better! 35% off all stems, wreaths, ready-mades and custom arrangements.

Come see the magic. It's real!

Friday, February 25, 2011

All Lined Up!

We're moving right along with the dining room Restyle!

Next in line, the chairs. I can't believe what a new, fresh look these chairs have! SW Warm Stone is a keeper, for sure. (I think I might like kitchen cabinets in this color...)

We are in the process of selecting fabric for the chair seats. You may recall they were a beautiful (but totally traditional) red and gold repetitive print. So far, we're considering an animal print with taupe and soft blue; soft aqua patent leather; or, warm stone urban graphic print. We've already selected the new drapery.I'll try to photograph it tomorrow and for a preview.

One small mistake was made...the chairs were to be a slightly lighter shade of warm stone. Not.
Check out the lineup of chairs- all, SW Warm Stone. Well, maybe we'll make a change in the color of the table! Some contrast would be interesting.

Here's Terry using the spray bottle gadget I mentioned in the kickoff post. Pretty cool.

...a pretty sight! (Especially when the work is being done by our friend, Terry!

There they are-painted and ready for the final fabric selection and recovering. Nice change.

Our friend has headed home to Utah now, and the rest of the painting will be up to my client. We'll see how the table progresses. From the frustrated phone call I got today, my guess is...not so good!

Keep following for more tips and excitement!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Add to My List of Favorites!

Interior Design has really set its roots in the trend of modernism in the last few years. That is to say that modernism influences almost all design right now. I'm really buying into it, too! Modernism=sophistication, graphic pattern, and soft neutral colors. Clean lines, but comfort too. No more over sized rolled arms with large bun feet. Instead, track arms or low, sloping ones. Tapered legs, always exposed. No skirts.

This modernism started to creep into design about three years ago, but now it's here--fully embraced by designers who keep up with trend and influence the local clients.

Three years ago, I used this chandelier in my designer room for Bucks County...

I continue to love it (I have the largest size, 33" in my store foyer, and two of the medium size, 25" in my personal design studio.) I haven't tired of it yet, and continue to sell this style almost weekly to someone.

This is another favorite that I used first in a North Carolina project:

This is the swank living room of one of my stylish and cute employees, Lisa! I love the sleek sophistication yet warm feel of it. That living room is terribly cool as well!

So, just call if you want to update your dining room, foyer, master bedroom, or upstairs hallways with the likes of these! As for me, the master bedroom at my house is calling for one.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out of the gate!

I thought you might like to see the beginning of progress being made in the Redesign project (dining room from former post).

Painting furniture makes a big statement of style and can really change a room, but it really is a project!

The garage was set up as the "shop"! Our painter opted to spray paint the furniture. Did you know that you can purchase a pump bottle that can turn any can of paint into a spray paint?! Sherwin Williams offers this dandy contraption. in progress

Terry started with the top of the china cupboard. As you can see, the back is taped to prevent the spray from hitting the mirror.

Closeup of china cabinet. We are using several of my favorite colors for the furniture and walls-SW Tony Taupe and SW Warm Stone. I fell upon these colors several years ago when we did the Bucks County Designer House living room, and have been a lover of them ever since.
It's amazing the change already in the look of this furniture! When I first considered the design of the room, I really was lobbying for new furniture. The painted finish makes an enormous difference in the style of the room, taking a true traditional dark stained cabinet into a cleaner, slightly urban feel-all due to paint! The color of paint is important in the process, but just leave that up to me!

Review of these colors used in the Bucks County Designer House living room

SW Warm Stone on chest, SW Warm stone and SW Brainstorm Bronze for stripes

I loved this room, and expect that the Redesign for the new dining room will be a favorite soon!

(Just to remind you what it looked like prior to beginning the painting!)

Yes, this is definitely progress...out with the old and in with the new!

Stay tuned for more progress. And, don't forget to comment to be entered into the drawing for the next Redesign project by Susan and her team. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Restyle Kickoff!

There's lots of exciting things coming up this spring!

My new service, Redesign, is getting a lot of attention and being well received! I have about three Redesign projects going on at present, and I'm going to document each one of them so you can begin to relate to the process.

First launched by Oprah and her friend, Nate, Redesign offers solutions to your rooms that need a special vision and touch to bring the personality to the room and breath fresh life and love into it. The price is affordable and the rewards are great. More information to come about the offerings!

For now, I'm Redesigning my dear friend, Linda's dining room. While in Charlotte last weekend to consult on her new kitchen, we did the one day plan for the new dining room Redesign as well.
That is what is so cool about the Redesign---it's almost instant!

So, here are the before pictures. I have to admit that I quite like the before pictures! This room was done quite a few years ago, soon after I designed one of my favorite rooms for The Jr. League of Greater Princeton show house---a delightful butler's pantry.

Take a look at the before shots of the room:

Brick red walls and ceiling-soon to be gone. We have plans to replace the existing chandelier.
Lots of painted furniture everywhere!

Some of my favorite coll aged plates in empty vintage frames-most likely will be replaced. *sigh*

When this fabric was originally selected, it was cutting edge style! Really. My new idea is to hang the drapery panels high, just under the crown molding and on the outside of the bay.

While this traditional furniture it not our favorite style, we will breath new life into it with a current paint color (wait to see it!). Table, chairs, and china hutch will all be part of the re-invention with a little paint magic.

Just one other wall of collectibles that probably will not make the cut. I can still remember the hours of collecting for the original design!

This unique vintage cabinet will also be reinvented with paint! I have chosen several colors of similar tones-warm stone, taupe-y colors. Not tired of that color yet!

Some of this will be used, but fresh new art and some accents will be necessary to carry off the restyle.

There is modernism in every design project today. It is that modernism that keeps the design fresh and current. I'm not talking over-the-edge contemporary! Modernism is way more classic than that! Cutting edge cool. But not sensational. Just right!

Linda is excited for the change and so am I! Hopefully, the painting is going on as we speak. The details and completion should be done the few days prior to High Point Market in early April.

I have decided to have a contest for a complimentary Redesign where I would offer all of the design fees as a complimentary service. All you have to do is comment on this project as you follow it! It's easy to comment. If you have a google account, you're set. If not, you can sign in as "anonymous" super easy. Anyone who comments will be eligible for the random drawing.
Follow the project and comment as many times as you like!

Let's get started.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Market, To Market to Buy a....

Ice storms aside, I spent the last few days in NYC completing the January market selections for the new inventory that will flood the back door soon at Black-eyed Susan!

New York Market it always on the heels of The Atlanta Market, and I always wish there were just a few more weeks between...That being said, 4:30 a.m. comes awfully early in the morning when preparing to catch the train into the city for the day.

We always try to find new resources, the cutest and the most stylish. I think I did it.

Probably my favorite find of the trip...these fabulous tea towels in every single favorite color! 100% linen and user friendly+style! What more could you ask?!

Just another portion of the same collection...

Additional coordinating graphic prints. So perfect.

Reusable green bag for shopping...complete with inside key pocket and more!

You know that new jewelry is always on my radar! What do you think about these new selections?! I'll take one of each,thank you.

Layering + glitz. Yes.

Cutest new dining chair...pure style.

Yet another favorite, and both are very well priced! You can ask me more about these!

One of my favorite designer/vendors is David. He scouts all over France and England for cool finds to add to his collection. I've noticed that many of my personal favorites throughout my home are from his collections over the years. We had a fun conversation about this quadrant of framed pieces. You can't see the background, by they have old ledgers behind the inkblots! (Emily, I think this could be the first piece of art for your future office!)

Again, I'll talk all 9. All the ledgers are original vintage pages! Be still my heart.

Will I ever get enough of this style of pillows? Bring them on, please!

Coolest bedding collection; sharp lime and gray...duvet and coordinating pillows. Once again, pure style.

These are just a few of my favorite things soon to be appearing. Stop in for a look!