Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Add to My List of Favorites!

Interior Design has really set its roots in the trend of modernism in the last few years. That is to say that modernism influences almost all design right now. I'm really buying into it, too! Modernism=sophistication, graphic pattern, and soft neutral colors. Clean lines, but comfort too. No more over sized rolled arms with large bun feet. Instead, track arms or low, sloping ones. Tapered legs, always exposed. No skirts.

This modernism started to creep into design about three years ago, but now it's here--fully embraced by designers who keep up with trend and influence the local clients.

Three years ago, I used this chandelier in my designer room for Bucks County...

I continue to love it (I have the largest size, 33" in my store foyer, and two of the medium size, 25" in my personal design studio.) I haven't tired of it yet, and continue to sell this style almost weekly to someone.

This is another favorite that I used first in a North Carolina project:

This is the swank living room of one of my stylish and cute employees, Lisa! I love the sleek sophistication yet warm feel of it. That living room is terribly cool as well!

So, just call if you want to update your dining room, foyer, master bedroom, or upstairs hallways with the likes of these! As for me, the master bedroom at my house is calling for one.


shannon said...

ohhhhhhh! (mr.bill voice)--When you were over the other day, did you notice that I still haven't switched my lampshades to drum??
Is this the equivalent to a liquified pumpkin in your book? :)

Anonymous said...

I've already jumped on the chandelier wagon, I think I"m ready for more.

michelle said...

Way cool. Our drum chandelier is my favorite light fixture in the house.

Suzanne said...

Oh, great. Now I'm changing my mind again! ;-) Is the same one you chose for moi? The shade looks a tad different.
(Love the recognizable "Susan" touch on the mantel, too.)
Lovely room, Lisa.