Tuesday, July 30, 2013

At the end of the day, a set of 1000 thread count perfectly ironed sheets just makes me say "ahhhhh". That's how I spent my day off today, washing, ironing and doing domestic detail work.I like it.

There are so many exciting things coming in the back door at Black-eyed Susan and lots more to come since returning from my market trip. Those of you who know me best know that its not always the best day when a newly styled vignette gets disrupted by a great sale...for most brick and mortar shop owners, that $7500.00 day would be a great reward...for me, not so much. (What is wrong with this picture, my staff often says with rolling eyes.)

Some of my favorite orders have already shown up and are here to inspire you. I hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Atlanta day 7...my aching feet...

We completed our 6th day walking the showrooms today with two rolling carts...anticipating a heavier load than usual. The elevators were empty, as we're most of the showrooms. The last few days without crowds really makes our work easier.

There are so many last minute details to cover, mirrors to measure and art to document for clients...visiting established major vendors and sneaking in a few new resources.

Although we will work one more day before leaving Atlanta, this will be my last post with previews of things to come. Here are a few of the things we loved today...

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For the past several months we have been promoting and selling monograms for doors. This seems to be more on trend than our former signature wreaths. They have proved to be popular and in demand.

We found a new style that are metal and have these borders...we fell in love with them and decided to give them a try! You can choose from several shapes and fonts, single letters or the popular three letter monogram. They are great for wedding gifts, or any personal gift, and perfect for your own front door!! Tie them with your favorite ribbon and you have a personal statement. Watch for the new ones to come in soon. If interested, give us a call to place your own special order. I'm excited about this new style! Here are some of the ones we liked...


Round with single letter...and the tailored square one first pictured.

We plan to offer one of our Christmas classes where you will make a beautiful holiday wreath with either a gold or silver monogram secured into an evergreen wreath and one of our signature bows. Wow!!!

We ordered these cute oversized nests to create these fall centerpieceusing pumpkins and gourds and your favorite cloche. So cute!

These are canvas book covers in several sizes that enable you to embellish them with your own designs...stenciled words, buttons, labels...be creative! This was a collection of cookbooks. Tell me what you think.

Even our usual cottage resources were showing these modern mid-century lacquered consoles...very well priced and sleekly cool. Good storage and keen style in white lacquer. Love.

A favorite showroom for inspiration, Global Views, did not disappoint. Look at this wall in charcoal, butter, and white horizontal striped wallcovering!! Great idea! The color combo is a common one in my showroom and we saw plenty of great accessories to carry the whole look off. I love it!!

Love the graphic rug... In several colors, all so stylish!

This table scape looks like it could be transported straight to one of my display tables! It is Oh So Susan!! The mix of contrasting colors and assorted heights were inspiring.

This is a view from the opposite side. It is important that the design be equally pleasing from all views when designing a tablescape. Great example!

I admired these ceramic artichokes as wall art. The scale was dramatic, as was the color. Sometimes, something like this can take the place of art and give great visual interest.

At the very end of the day we looked up,a new resource and found these to be perfectly comfortable ! Linda claimed it was because we were tired and our feet had been in fashionable shoes since 9:00am, but I'm telling you, it was a perfect fit for me! Totally mid century in style and color...oh so susan for sure. Mixing a bit of this in with your transitional room can really put the jazz in your style. Possibly two for my new family room?!

So that was our day. Loaded with inspiring color and design. Sensory overload after 7 full days. One more day tomorrow and we will be ready to call it a trip, and return to put all the pieces together for the new arrivals.

It's been a good trip. See you back in Bucks County soon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Atlanta day six, SIX?!

Day six...really?! There is always a bit of panic that sets in when we get to the end of the market and review our list to check our progress. S many items are checked off, but soooo many left to see.

We spent the first three hours at one main showroom and that put us a bit behind for the rest of the day. The show is beginning to thin out and only the diehards remain. We have a lot to organize tonight to make sure the next few days are really put to good use, but before we get started, I'll give you the market report for today.

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Cutest ever bar stools!

These are the chartreuse-y flowers we found to make some splashy door baskets for your front doors! And just look how cute they look with Linda's coral print peplum top!!

I bought some of these cool throws for the store at one of our last stops...

...more colorful print throws!

Once again...navy pillows...and,

Orange pillows! Oh. My.

We have rearranged our lists, done some editing and adding and should be off to an early start tomorrow.

Till tomorrow...dream happy about the new things coming in for your shopping pleasure!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Atlanta Day Five

Day five? While it seems we have worked so many showrooms, it is still hard to believe 5 full days have passed. Our feet feel like it certainly has been five days, I will say that!

Every day that passes confirms the arrival of navy as the color of the market ,and we have found some great accessories to bring it all to Bucks County from vases to art to lamps. It seems like a fresh new look. I have always loved the drama of rich color. My design team has seen this coming from the new fabric books that have come into the design library from almost every fabric house. Linda has been planning to bring some navy into her new room design at home, so we have had our own design radar going as well.

Here are a few of the great things we found today!

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Just drool over this navy lacquered coffee table with chrome legs! I also ordered a coordinating chair in navy velvet with chrome arms and legs. Such a beautiful current accent with many of the gray sofas in the store. Ahhhhh!

Due to the fact that I was shooting into the window, the colors don't show too well, but these are the coolest patterned trash cans...chrome yellow, gray and orange! Every important color!

I found this more than cool investment rug for a possible client selection...wow. Beauty, pattern, color, it's the whole package.

This is a new trend-rugs cut down to the binding, giving them a stylishly aged look. Just check out the orange and navy!! My heart sings...

Of course, chevron was present in almost every rug showroom. Cool cool cool.

We found this great piece of art to suggest to my best ever hair stylist for her new salon digs!

I had to photograph this entire wall of navy themed art...oh, the sea turtles!!

I am coveting this hip kitchen/dining table for myself...the top is so affordable, but the chrome base puts it over the top! I'm sure Sneelock won't mind.

We took the plunge this morning and invested in this new paint franchise. We have been considering it since we saw it at the spring High Point Furniture Show. With my love for the reclaimed and vintage finds of furniture, this will be the perfect marriage! Look for it to hit the floor within the next few weeks. After some training and some trial time for experimenting, we will offer classes on how to use it. It will include antiquing mirrors as well. It's pretty exciting!

There is one step chalk paint, aging powder glazes and lacquer finishes as well...

These are a few of the colors we included! (We sneaked a photo during Amy's training exhibition . We're super excited about this new offering.

So, there went day 5.

Tomorrow , we have appointments with two of my favorite vendors and lots of additional showrooms to hit...I'm thinking of wearing flats...

Till tomorrow night, goodnight!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Atlanta day four- annual birthday celebration!

July 13. It's always a special day during the annual Atlanta trip, as it is Linda's birthday! I feel honored that she so willingly has spent the last 18 years working with me on her birthday. It's certainly not the most exciting way to spend your special day. I always make sure we go to dinner somewhere cool, a new adventure most of the time. (Need I remind you that most nights, it is the hotel restaurant or room service.) we worked through the day, saving our appetites for a tiny French bistro we had reservations for. It did not disappoint.

Our buying agenda today included rugs, art, accessories, and a few lamps. It is so creative to find the newest and the hottest things trending. Actually, the birthday girl was one of the hottest things trending, with constant compliments throughout the day by fellow buyers...now that has to make for a Happy Birthday!

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Take a look at this brilliant chrome yellow graphic rug, perfect for the Naples project!

This orange graphic could double for my family room and a client...great multitasking!

Hmmm....love this one too!

Holy smokes!! What's not to love about chevron, totally trending pattern in everything and even in rugs!

I had an assignment for an oversized wall clock. How does this 48" one fit the bill?!

Lots of cobalt and navy blue again...perfect Naples art once again!!

I love these upholstered twin beds. Love. Love. Love.

I have several darling friends who will be coveting this pillow on refined burlap. What's not to love?!

Ok. Orange. Oversized. High gloss. Apple. What about that formula isn't part magic? A favorite vendor will use any Pantone color to customize yours!! If you are willing to wait the four months for production, you've got a customized piece of art! Now that's a winning offer.

Their booth was designed with an organic theme using fresh vegetables! I shot a few photos to show the cleverness of their designs. Sooooo inspiring!

See the above large pedestal urn filled with cabbages and cauliflower .

Oversized carrots and parsnips filled this giant glass vase! Oh. My.

A bag of onions always comes in handy!

We found these chartreuse ceramics at the end of the day. Don't worry, I got enough for Naples and for the store!

We have been carrying some very stylish kitchen papers in the store for the past few months. One if them is a Kraft paper table runner with vintage silverware. It's been super popular. We added this one that is chalkboard paper this market! Great dinner play, party runner, shower decor...so darn cute!

Soon you will be able to customize your own paper placemats with monogram or special family sayings. Great idea! Personalized products...very much on trend.

I couldn't resist adding these gift enclosures for holiday...and holiday placemats too! (Did I mention thAt it is difficult to walk through the stock room due to Christmas orders that have overtaken the space.

Before we left the market, we asked a vendor to take this photo in honor of the annual market birthday celebration.

Photos tomorrow of our Birthday Dinner! Dropbox is taking forever...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Atanta Day 3 Trend Report

Wow. Long day.

After beginning the day at the intensely crowded, almost mob like jewelry cash and carry , we felt tired before lunchtime. We seem to be favorites of several of the vendors, which worked in our favor when it came to waiting in lines of 20 deep women. We left our bins to be shipped and went on to the next vendor.

We found some darling and stylishly cool jewelry to freshen the mix at Black-eyed Susan and we hope you will make the trip to see the new inventory. I'll blog to let you know when it arrives!

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We are bringing these oh so comfy and cute pony wraps and headbands in just in time for stocking stuffers and gifts for the hip younger set. Glitter and tie dyed in fresh colors. These were designed by two young girls and they seem to be big business. They will really pop up the jewelry case and your daughter's and grand daughter's cute hairdos!

At the top of jewelry trends are personal monograms. While monograms have always been classic, they are being spotlighted by some of the top national retailers and will soon appear on my jewelry counter as well. Sterling and gold plated monograms for special order will be available or single letters in the most popular letters. Add a drop pearl for a bit more, choose your chain-plain, pearl or crystal embellished, and different lengths. These make an enduring and personal gift for a loved one (or for yourself).

Naturally, at the top of the order was one for me and one for Linda!

These white exotic animal sculptures caught my eye. They continue to trend in high end design and national home decor magazines. Use them with almost all styles in decor as focal points and art. Personally, I love the gazelle.

Another art piece is this driftwood sculpture of a horse. Almost life size and quite dramatic. I am working on a breath taking Bucks County barn home and this might just make the cut.

Navy continued to be the color trend and we found these beautiful pierced ginger jar urns. Pair this color with orange, lime or chrome yellow and you have the wow factor!

We returned back to our room at about 8:30pm...after leaving our room at 8:30 am! Quite a day with just one too quick lunch break to share a sandwich.

Blogging, paperwork and room service of stone cold pizza, and we are ready to call it a day and prepare for tomorrow's appointments.

Here's to a successful third day. See you tomorrow.