Saturday, July 13, 2013

Atlanta day four- annual birthday celebration!

July 13. It's always a special day during the annual Atlanta trip, as it is Linda's birthday! I feel honored that she so willingly has spent the last 18 years working with me on her birthday. It's certainly not the most exciting way to spend your special day. I always make sure we go to dinner somewhere cool, a new adventure most of the time. (Need I remind you that most nights, it is the hotel restaurant or room service.) we worked through the day, saving our appetites for a tiny French bistro we had reservations for. It did not disappoint.

Our buying agenda today included rugs, art, accessories, and a few lamps. It is so creative to find the newest and the hottest things trending. Actually, the birthday girl was one of the hottest things trending, with constant compliments throughout the day by fellow that has to make for a Happy Birthday!

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Take a look at this brilliant chrome yellow graphic rug, perfect for the Naples project!

This orange graphic could double for my family room and a client...great multitasking! this one too!

Holy smokes!! What's not to love about chevron, totally trending pattern in everything and even in rugs!

I had an assignment for an oversized wall clock. How does this 48" one fit the bill?!

Lots of cobalt and navy blue again...perfect Naples art once again!!

I love these upholstered twin beds. Love. Love. Love.

I have several darling friends who will be coveting this pillow on refined burlap. What's not to love?!

Ok. Orange. Oversized. High gloss. Apple. What about that formula isn't part magic? A favorite vendor will use any Pantone color to customize yours!! If you are willing to wait the four months for production, you've got a customized piece of art! Now that's a winning offer.

Their booth was designed with an organic theme using fresh vegetables! I shot a few photos to show the cleverness of their designs. Sooooo inspiring!

See the above large pedestal urn filled with cabbages and cauliflower .

Oversized carrots and parsnips filled this giant glass vase! Oh. My.

A bag of onions always comes in handy!

We found these chartreuse ceramics at the end of the day. Don't worry, I got enough for Naples and for the store!

We have been carrying some very stylish kitchen papers in the store for the past few months. One if them is a Kraft paper table runner with vintage silverware. It's been super popular. We added this one that is chalkboard paper this market! Great dinner play, party runner, shower darn cute!

Soon you will be able to customize your own paper placemats with monogram or special family sayings. Great idea! Personalized products...very much on trend.

I couldn't resist adding these gift enclosures for holiday...and holiday placemats too! (Did I mention thAt it is difficult to walk through the stock room due to Christmas orders that have overtaken the space.

Before we left the market, we asked a vendor to take this photo in honor of the annual market birthday celebration.

Photos tomorrow of our Birthday Dinner! Dropbox is taking forever...

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