Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Atlanta Day 1

We got off to a good start today, and even documented the beginning of our trip with a self portrait (By reader request!) only to realize that I don't have a way to download it to my Dropbox account. I elected to bring only my IPad and not my laptop, and took the photo with my small Cannon. Sorry.

We spent the day resourcing new vendors, hit a few old favorites, and did some shopping for several interior clients. It was a good day and our feet held out just fine. Believe me, there are days when we have ruined our feet on the first day!

Red is quite a projection for the upcoming season...we found these great ceramic vases, a beautiful cherry red with unique shapes. Should I order them?

Red and still lots of succulents...

More color in a pretty teal blue...

I'm looking for a special mirror to build a wall of collages mirrors with...this one comes in a reclaimed finish and white. I like it!

My heart stopped when I saw this chartreuse sofa...or should I say davenport?! It's a bit retro. Check out the coffee table too!

We found this possible chandelier for a client working on a home in Naples, Fl. Oh, the color!

...and, these chevron waste cans! Chevron is a big trend in pattern for many things. Pretty cute.

We found some great art possibilities...

...a perfect set of hand crafted imported Italian dishes...more like art!

One of our favorite bedding vendors, Legacy, produced a favorite pallet with this beautiful set in stunning colors. Wow!

We wound up our day previewing the newest in Kate Spade china and gift ware! I need this for every girl in my family from sisters to daughters...and quite a few good friends, including Linda! Put your orders in, please!

...or, if you want a paperweight instead, here you go!!

...what if we started a bridal registry?

We loved these beautiful ceramic frames. Note the tiny bow and band. Perfect for a new bride or baby!

We took a fancy to these enameled clocks in watermelon, white,turquoise and black. Look for these soon I hope!

I think these unique everyday dishes will be perfect for my Charleston kitchen project and found quite a few options for the formal china as well.

We've got a full day planned for tomorrow. With list in hand and a new pair of shoes we are armed with what we need for day 2.

Stay tuned for more reports!


Sophia said...

I love the color combination of chartreuse and gray! It is definitely a personal favorite of mine! :) That bedroom set is so cute! And those plates! And that mug! I love it all. Oh if I had a million dollars... I would give it to you while you were there! I love it all!

Unknown said...

Just read through the entire six-day report. BE. STILL. MY. HEART.

Unknown said...

Just read through the entire six-day account. BE. STILL. MY. HEART.